Changes in WhatsApp pricing plans as of June 1st


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Meta has announced changes in the pricing plans for WhatsApp messaging and introduced new categories for business-to-user conversations.

The communication cost will still depend on who initiated the conversation. Currently, there are two categories of WhatsApp sessions: A User-Initiated session, when the subscriber message precedes the business message within the past 24 hours, and a more expensive session type — A Business-Initiated session, when the businesses message subscribers first.

New: four new categories of business-initiated conversations

As of June 1, new categories of business-initiated template messages will emerge, and the pricing will vary for each of them:

  • Utility conversations are transactional messages informing the customer about the order, payment, invoice, or shipment status.
  • Authentication conversations are user authentication messages as sending one-time passwords and verifying or recovering an account.
  • Marketing conversations call subscribers to action, for example, to buy a product, order a service, take part in a promotion, or accept a promotional offer. Any non-transactional or authentication conversation will be considered marketing; this category will be the most expensive.

You can find a detailed guide to template categories on MetaforDevelopers.

WhatsApp will see conversations initiated by the bot subscriber as Service conversations, that is, conversations that help solve user problems. The price for this category remains the same as for User-Initiated sessions.

The new pricing of WhatsApp template messages

Sending a template message to a specific category opens a separate window, and another window will open with the corresponding pricing when sending messages from another category.


Check out the SendPulse prices on Whatsapp template messages.

Businesses will spend less on conversations within the Utility and Authentication categories than within Business-Initiated sessions. Campaigns cost will increase for those who message within the Marketing conversations category.

Free 1000 sessions per month will only be available for Service conversations, that is, for conversations initiated by the subscriber.

Until May 15, old template categories will be migrating to the new ones. As of May 15, you will be able to analyze which categories your current templates fall into and determine the messages' cost in WhatsApp Manager.

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