Ellimist release a new single from upcoming album

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Ellimist release a new single from upcoming album


"Father" is the new single from US band Ellimist and was taken from the upcoming album "Ellimist" set to be released this month.

You can watch and listen to the single at this location https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKLFmhDThMQ

'Loosely based around the tale of the Ellimist, this album births a sonic universe detailing Toomin's journey as he transcends his corporeal form to become an omnipotent being beyond the reaches of the very fabric of reality. A unique blend of modern progressive metal which incorporates crushing guitar work, dynamic vocals that flow from brutal to ethereal seamlessly; voiceover passages, and sound effects which hone and craft the storyline while simultaneously capturing the listener's attention to transport them to another world; this album dives deep into themes of great and devastating loss, re-discovery, exploration, eternity, and nothingness, all while telling a familiar story in a completely novel way. This first offering from Ellimist is surely not one to miss!'

"IN THIS, the 10th track on the album; we describe the internal conflict between Toomin and the hive-mind creature 'Father'; the sponge-like, moon-sized behemoth living deep within the oceans of the blue moon. Capturing any wandering ships which stray too close to the waters, Father ensnares the bodies (and minds) of those unlucky enough to fall into his web. In this song, Toomin contemplates his constant losses in Father's games, which take place in mental simulations of various scenarios derived from the memories of the captured. He experiences the abject horror of being left to drift in an ocean of corpses, surrounded by the bodies of the last Ketrans, slowly giving way to an ever-present existential dread; until, that is, by chance, he glimpses the path to victory with his discovery of music. Music changes Toomin profoundly, and with his mastery of the game of music, he is finally able to turn the tables on Father, absorbing the captive minds in Father's possession in the process, thwarting Father, escaping his tethers, and destroying the blue moon. With this, Toomin begins his transcendence into the Ellimist, a biomechanical, intergalactic being of immense strength, and embarks on his journey to find his place in the universe as the cosmic do-gooder..."


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