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VOLUME 25 | 27 JUNE 2022

The silver lining to the dark cloud of disgrace that has been the Covid policy response, is that it has resulted in the distillation of a phenomenal community.

Around the world, a minority of people possessed of independence of mind, of character and of courage, has stood up and been counted, often at great personal cost. While most of their peers, their family and their friends unthinkingly swallowed every iota of patently hysterical propaganda and blindly complied with every ludicrous mandate and policy, this minority put integrity before reputation.

After my recent visit to Europe, I'm happy to report that this community is inexorably coallescing, and as I reflect on the many remarkable encounters I was priviliged to enjoy, and on the deep connection and mutual recognition that characterised them, I am filled with a profound sense of optimism. Though the forces arrayed against us appear edificial, they are essentially weak, as they accord with a world view that conforms neither with reality nor with virtue.

In contrast, those who recognise the sanctity of every human being, who commit to the open and generative processes required to bring into being flourishing societies, and who eschew the hubris of the overlords of central planning, constitute a force of unbounded creative potential.

I had occasion to pass many hours engaged in conversation with an outstanding member of this community, Dr Robert Malone, whose team has done a fine job of transcribing and editing my extemporized remarks during one of our early exchanges.

This was an attempt to compress into half an hour a bare-boned analysis of the broader context of the CORONAcrisis. It is my hope that it will inspire people to add flesh to the counter-narrative that we must generate to avoid the dystopia that is threatened.

Nick Hudson

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We believe that an injustice has taken place during the pandemic. Join other global healthcare professionals in calling for accountability.

Our aim is to send this open-letter with at least 750 signatures to the board of medical professional bodies and regulator bodies internationally to show the scale of concern amongst the medical community.  We will keep you up-to-date with our progress and outcomes if you choose to sign the letter. 

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Suppressing Scientific Discourse in Vaccines?

by Josh Guetzkow

In this opinion article, the author who is a Senior lecturer at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, makes the point that the deliberate dismantling of science didn’t start two years ago.

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When evidence and dogma diverge: The sad decline of our esteemed medical journals

by David Bell

There was a time when medical publishing went beyond advertising and attempted to uphold the value of objectivity and evidence.

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Watch: The Quest for Open Science

Many people have felt that the extreme measures and unprecedented reactions to the pandemic didn’t seem to make logical sense. Questions have since received uncomfortable answers. Speculation has since been revealed as truth. Conspiracy theories were in fact spoiler alerts.

Watch the video

Open Society Sessions

COVID-19 has revealed that it was about more than just public health and the political, economic and societal aspects of the response are of far greater significance than the virus itself. There remains a continued drive toward the transformation of our societies in ways that threaten democracy and our existing ways of life. These Sessions aim to examine the political, societal and economic dimensions of our recent experience and analyse future developments.

WATCH Cockup or Conspiracy? Understanding COVID-19 as a ‘Structural Deep Event’
WATCH What is the Proper Role of Expert Knowledge in the Management of a Public Crisis?



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