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VOLUME 20 | 8 JULY 2021

Open Science. Human Agency. Courageous Societies.
These are three pillars on which PANDA stands. We advocate for open science, which fosters human agency so that we ultimately achieve courageous societies.

Right now, however, there is a fierce and largely underground battle being waged between two extremes: the modern Goliath - suppressing information and running a relentless, world-wide propaganda machine thanks to Billionaires, Big Tech and Big Media - against many small, pop-up crews of 'Davids' that have emerged around the world to defend scientific truth and human freedoms.

If you’re on either side, you have been hearing the clanging of swords for over a year. Yet the vast majority of the people both sides are fighting for - or over - are blissfully unaware that anything of the sort is even happening.

These are the folks whose innate goodness has been weaponised against them, their ability to process information impacted by conflicting, fear-inducing messaging, while fear has been elevated to a virtue.

These are the folks who are still expecting to be released from repeated lockdowns and breathtaking mask mandates once the virus has been stopped by everybody playing their part, the way they have been for 16+ months. As if compliance with unscientific mandates can control the behaviour of the virus.   

These are the folks who are lining up their children for the Covid-19 injections. We need to reach them before they participate in wrecking the hopes, dreams and health of the generations behind us.

We all need to come together to stop the mass vaccination of the young.
It carries All Risk, Zero Benefit for them.
All Risk. Zero Benefit.



If you are concerned about the wellbeing of children and young people and feel strongly about halting the unnecessary mass roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine to this population group, please consider launching the following petition in your country. Many individual efforts in local communities will create change on a global scale.

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The foundations of the Covid narrative are crumbling. The novel recipe of lockdowns, masks, fear campaigns and lots of stickers turns out not only to entail horrific collateral damage, but to worsen Covid outcomes. An edifice of lies has been sustained by ruthless censorship, media blankets, and extensive conflicts of interest at our institutions of public health and science. As the lies are exposed, we stand at a crucial junction in history.

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A South African ER and a Third Wave

30 June 2021, Gauteng

About 4 weeks ago, it started getting bad again. Almost like before Christmas, which was like a war zone, I won’t lie.

There were (now and back then) no beds in Gauteng ... at all. We were lining patients up in the ER, fully ventilated. Patients who should have been in ICU (and ER nurses working as ICU nurses ... bless them). Patients doubled up in cubicles, on chairs, the floor, out the door, down the pavement. Ambulances being turned away ... everywhere. Not quite as bad as December. But enough for all of us to lose the will to live. How on God’s green earth do we do this again?!? When Covid is bad, it is horrible! And when your face is pressed up against that suffering and death, it is hard not to think the worst and get pulled into the abyss.

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A R T I C L E 

Vaccine passports: a ticket to apartheid and racism

by Dr David Bell & Toby Green

Ex-World Health Organization (WHO) scientist and PANDA member Dr David Bell, and historian Toby Green, on why Africa needs to stop following Western policies and learn from its own experience.

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Sick until proven healthy?

by Helen Tindall & Abir Ballan

Searching for people who are asymptomatic yet infectious is like searching for needles that appear and reappear transiently in haystacks, particularly when rates are falling.

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Humanity Interrupted

Humanity has been interrupted for over 16 months now. People have been weakened mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and yet lockdowns, mask mandates, enforced distancing, limitations on gatherings, trading bans and school closures persist in many parts of the world.

If large-scale public health interventions are intended to preserve public health and save lives, every one of  these strategies has failed to keep individual citizens healthy and save their lives. What these failed policies have instead achieved, is documented by the people themselves, sharing their stories on @HumanityInterrupted on Instagram.
This is what it looks like when we forget our humanity and focus on one single thing, to the exclusion of all else.

A R T I C L E 

Natural immunity vs Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity

by Marc Girardot

Epidemiologyimmunology and the clinical data all say a clear “No!”. There is no good reason to vaccinate the recovered.

"Really fine article sticking to that which we know & not that which we do not know. Treating fallacies for what they are & explaining each careful is the exact right approach. To Marc who has been fighting against misinformation together since March 2020, I say “ Great job!"
Michael Levitt

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Gab's Corner

by Gabriel Brunner

The Joker Variant

Team Reality vs. the Official Narrative often feels like a turn-by-turn strategy game, but like any game, players must offer respect and recognise when their opponent has made a masterful move. The Delta Variant is such a move.

Just when we thought we had them up against the ropes (Faucigate), they come up with this. The official reasoning behind the renaming of the “Indian” Variant to “Delta” or more generally speaking, the replacing of “origin” with “greek letter” was to avoid “stigmatizing” certain countries. This was obviously nonsense, as no-one in the WHO or in the US cares about India’s reputation. But just how clever it was, wasn’t immediately apparent.

It’s kind of difficult to live in America and be scared of the Indian Variant. That’s… in India, isn’t it? But Delta? That’s good. Delta sounds like war. The Delta Battalion? The Delta Plan? Delta evokes FEAR. It’s almost as good as NERVTAG, the “New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group” from the UK. Now that’s a scary acronym. Delta works everywhere, too, in all languages. Good localization work done there by the masterminds.

What’s even better is that the Delta Variant is a real Joker. It can be anything and everything.  Too many deaths despite vaccination? The Delta Variant evades the vaccine. Your kids don’t want to get vaccinated? They had better  - the Great Unvaccinated produce perilous variants so we’re all in danger. The Delta Variant is your Get Out of Jail Free card. Want to lock down again? The Delta Variant is here. Want to sell top-up vaccines? December’s your vaccine appointment for the new Delta Variant. 

If you're on the fence about whether we are looking at a conspiracy or an honest mistake, the Delta Variant might change your mind. So, fair play to you, invisible enemy. That was a good move. Now, what does Team Reality have up its sleeve?

A Two-Faced Double-Masker named Fauci

The United States’ most prominent infectious disease scientist, Anthony Fauci, is in the eye of the  storm after two media outlets - using a Freedom of Information Act request - gained access to thousands of his emails from the crucial period from February to April 2020. A lot of things happened then, including Fauci changing his tune quite radically on things like asymptomatic transmission, universal masking, etc. 

There is a lot of material to analyze and interpret, and new insights into this man’s mind are constantly emerging, but one thing already seems quite clear: February 2020's Anthony Fauci was very much in line with PANDA's opinions: he knew that asymptomatic transmission is not a major cause of spread of these kind of viruses. He knew universal masking is useless. If he said that today, however, he'd be deplatformed by the social networks. A far cry from the double-masking TV personality who has been invading our living rooms this past year. 

Which begs the question: what happened? Why did he change his mind? What's with all the top-secret meetings with people like Jeremy Farrar, Patrick Valence and Christian Drosten? And what exactly took place at that Wuhan lab?

It's the most exciting thing that's happened to internet sleuths since Making A Murderer, and there is no doubt that further bombshell insights are still to come. 

She Could Do Better (but what about the UK?)

Here’s some news best filed under “Didn’t See That Coming”. Matt Hancock, the hapless, vaccine-obsessed UK Secretary of Health, long a figure of ridicule on social media, who’s only redeeming feature has been a kind of unintentional comical talent, has retired. His day of reckoning has come (karma’s a b*tch), but not for unlawfully imprisoning the British public and robbing them of their right to earn a living, no, because of an affair. Apparently Mr Hancock has been having a steamy relationship with his aide, Gina Coladengelo, while he was telling the whole of the UK to “behave like you have the virus” and social distance the hell out of each other. Well, there was no social distancing between those two, as leaked security camera footage clearly shows. 

The biggest surprise here perhaps isn’t that Mr Hancock broke the rules, as he has shown himself to be  a compulsive liar on many occasions. But Ms Coladengelo could do a whole lot better. So could Mr Hancock’s wife. If the quality British tabloids are to be believed,  she’s still wearing her wedding ring, but Matt and Gina are apparently moving in together. They are “in love”. The less we know about that, the better.

Where does that leave the UK? I’m glad you asked. Mr Hancock’s successor, Sajid Javid, seems qualified to be the Health Secretary, having studied Economics and worked in banking for most of his life. He also has a penchant for Davos, and appears to go about his business without a hint of a sense of humour. Let’s give him a chance, shall we? But don’t get your hopes up.

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