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VOL. 19 | 19 MAY 2021

Download the Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People

This edition of PANDA Threads is dedicated to shining a spotlight on those in our society who have the least say, but the most to lose through the Covid-19 response.

PANDA has launched a Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People and we call on the world's governments to assess and remedy the harms being done to the next generation. Parents, members of the public, children's charities and child rights organisations, stand with us in signing our call for action.

This is a universal crisis and for some children, the impact will be lifelong.
UNICEF Covid19 and Children

Coronavirus is the biggest global health, social and economic crisis of our lifetime and is tearing children's lives apart.
Save the Children

Although children are not at high risk of direct harm from the virus, they are disproportionately affected by its hidden impacts
Save the Children, Protect A Generation Report

Sign the Declaration

It is time to put our children first

Abir Ballan, a member of PANDA’s executive committee and the author of the Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People, interviewed by Pandemic Podcast. What drove Abir to create the Declaration, which is underpinned by the belief that children and young people ‘have the right to pursue life, liberty, learning, leisure, love, and laughter’. What changes need to be made immediately to achieve this, and what would a future fit-for-purpose, child-centred pandemic response look like?


PANDA Perspectives

Children, who are not at meaningful risk from the virus, have been nothing but compliant during the pandemic supposedly to protect others. What has the cost been to them and their families? PANDA members and supporters share their stories with us.

"The most harmful aspect of lockdowns and social restrictions on our son has been his constant fear and anxiety of what is happening outside. He has lost his trust in our society. What takes a village of professional therapists and special need programs to support my autistic son during our home-schooling journey, I am now doing it all alone! It is challenging and near impossible!" – Mother of an 11-year-old autistic boy, Canada

"Jehan, 7 years: The covid lockdown was quite sudden. I had no say in it. It took me by surprise. Zoom school was hard to get used to. There was a lot of online work. I feel I am in a prison and can't meet anyone, even my beloved, especially my grandparents. I don't know how dangerous covid is, but I can't live my life normally anymore." – Cheryl, Delhi, India.

"8 year old Maia comes home with a headache every single day after wearing a mask at school. She believes that children are being persecuted for adults making bad decisions." – Sandi, South Africa

"My six year old grandaughter has missed the majority of her first year in primary school, she talks about “the virus” in common parlance. Because we have spoken with her, she knows she is not at risk, sadly, many of her little friends are really scared." – Cherry, UK

"My 5 year old came home from school anxious last week because his teacher had told the class 'The coronavirus is coming back and it is going to be worse!'" – Jonathan, South Africa

"One of my children fell into depression because of the pressure of keeping up with online schooling and, on returning to school, the excessive rules and abusive lecturing from terrified teachers." – Nicky, South Africa

“My heart has been crushed by seeing my oldest grandson who was a high school graduate in 2020 be denied all the coming of age events that almost everyone else on the planet enjoyed at that age. Even more daunting for him is trying to get a good start on life surrounded by never ending fear and tyranny.” – Connie, USA 

“Our younger son, in his final year at school, lost the opportunity to learn more, better, happier, to truly integrate and being just 15 even saw his blood pressure increasing due to a drastic change in habits to a point in which he now needs to receive medication…” – Eduardo, Denmark

“My issue is that I have lost a year of interaction with my three grandchildren, the youngest who turned two in December. This should have been the happiest time of my life, spending time with my three beautiful grandkids. Instead, I am forbidden from seeing them. If my health deteriorates further, I may never be able to recapture the lost time.” – Grandmother, Canada

From "The Conservative Woman"

"Scroll down and you will see their Declaration that they invite us to sign. We should. All children’s charities must be made to face their prior duty, which is to protect children from danger, neglect and cruelty. The fact that harm is being perpetrated by governments and intergovernmental agencies does not absolve them of this task – it makes it all the more urgent."

W H A T   T O   W A T C H

NHS Consultant of 30 years warns against vaccinating healthy children

Dr Anthony Hinton is an NHS consultant of 30 years based in south-west London. He says more time is needed to see if it is safe to vaccinate healthy children from Covid-19.

Watch the interview


R E L E V A N T   R E S E A R C H

It was all over the media. Anecdote after anecdote. The new ‘Brazilian Variant’ was killing lots of young people. But it wasn’t true.
“Neither age nor Ct values in both groups have significantly differed during the first and second waves or even since the predominance of VOC P.1 on March 2021.”
It’s the same for the ‘South African Variant’, the ‘Kent Variant’, the ‘Indian variant’, etc. etc. We’re always told it’s killing more young people, yet there is no science to support these claims.
It is all in a day's work for the fearmongers, but creating far-reaching impacts on children and young people.
Read the research

Organisations standing up for children

The organisations listed below were all started by parents and ordinary citizens who decided they had to do something. Please show your support by signing up to their newsletters and spreading the word about their activities. If you are aware of any other parent-led initiatives around the world, please let us know. Together we can make a difference.


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