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January 2024

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Happy New Year!

2023 was another very challenging year for many people, and I sincerely hope that the year 2024 is the turnaround year for all of us.

There are some powerful astrological influences coming to support us in 2024 and I do believe it is up to us, the people, to decide what our future should be, not giving our power away to any external forces.

Have a great year!



From Shambles to Shambala

January 2024 Energy Report - "Happy New Year!"

Enjoy the first sunrise of 2024, filmed at Victoria BC's Island View Beach on New Year's Day! Here we go full speed ahead as Mercury comes out of retrograde and all planets are now moving forward. Peter talks about three important days in January when an intense Pluto-Sun Conjunction moves from Capricorn into Aquarius!



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This process has fantastic potential for maximizing efficiency and success. Projects often fail because of the challenges that arise through human ego and shadow, and this process can reveal what those potential challenges could be before they arise. This process can also be used to resolve issues that may already exist within an organization.

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The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

by Peter Tongue

Many have been asking “When is this craziness in the World going to end?” So that we can step into the 5th Dimension and live in Peace and Harmony. Well, I believe the shift has already begun, and we are seeing the final remnants of the Old-World dissolve away while the New Earth begins. We are currently living between the two Worlds, and it is very uncomfortable. However, it is the reason we agreed to be on the Earth at this time, to assist in heralding in the new energies and the shift of the ages. We are engaged in massive time frames, including 2,000 and 26,000 Great Cycles, and so it takes time for the changeover to take place.

We had the Great Conjunction on the Winter Solstice 2020 between Saturn and Jupiter. It was so precise that some were calling it the “Star of Bethlehem” as it appeared as one star, so enormous and bright. Some Evolutionary Astrologers were saying this was the Birth of the Aquarian Age, and I agree with them. We have seen so much of the old secrecy and corruption on the planet being revealed since then that we now know the truth of what has been going on. There is no hiding place any longer!


We now have another fantastic opportunity to further impulse the Age of Aquarius into form in January 2024, through another wonderful astrological event. On January 20th, The Sun and Pluto are going to be precisely conjunct with Pluto at 29 degrees 58 minutes of Capricorn. You can’t get any later than that in a sign. It is called the "critical degree" and brings that cycle to a close.

Capricorn represents all of the old traditional hierarchical and patriarchal structures that we have been limited by since 2008. Pluto is the planet of transformation, death, and rebirth. We have witnessed the old structures beginning to fall apart during this time, as the Patriarchy attempts to maintain control. It can’t. It is game over!


The very next day, January 21st, the Sun, and Pluto move together into Aquarius at zero degrees. The Sun is illuminating what needs to be achieved while Pluto is transforming the Sun into its highest possible expression.

Pluto will go retrograde in September, returning to Capricorn for two months before it finally leaves for good on November 19th, 2024. It is checking back to see that it has cleared everything of the old World out. It won’t return into Capricorn for another 250 years!!!!! We won’t see it there again in our lifetime!

What can we expect from Pluto in Aquarius? It will be there for 20 years, and so it provides the opportunity for us to ground the New Earth energies into form. It is about people taking back their power, working together at a grass roots level including new innovations and positive supportive technologies.


There is also a Cosmic aspect to it as the last time Pluto was in Aquarius - in the 1700s - was when the planet Uranus was discovered and the period before that - in the 1500s - was when Saturn was discovered. We can expect some connections being made at a Galactic level during this time.

A final wonderful piece to add to the puzzle is that in the early hours of January 22nd, the Sun will begin its annual illumination of the 41st Gene Key. This is the only Start Codon in all 64 gene Keys. It starts something of which is brand new! In the Gene Key transmission, this is New Year’s Day and so a phenomenal synchronicity to set the wheels in motion for the New Earth. By then all of the planets will be in forward motion and so there will be an acceleration taking place.

I do believe this is a 3-day window of opportunity not to be missed. Between now and then reviewing and reflecting on what brings us dissatisfaction in our lives and letting it all go. We can’t take our baggage with us. Then on January 21st setting the intention of what is going to bring me joy, vitality and bliss in the New Earth energies and then start living it without looking back!


A most important aspect of this is our individual and collective relationship with Mother Earth as she is going through this transformation too. I really want to encourage all of us to include her whenever we can in our Ceremonies and meditations, keeping things simple in honouring her in deep gratitude.

To that end, we had a gathering at Harry’s Raven's Ridge for the Solstice in which Zia led a beautiful Ceremony including individual candles and red and white carnations. On the darkest day, it was about the return of the light, where we carried our candles up into the Sacred Geometry on the property and offered either a red or white carnation to Mother Earth up in the Crown Chakra of the land. At the beginning of the Ceremony, each of us contributed a word representing what we wished to "call in" for the New Year, and then at the end of the afternoon, we each drew one of these words out of a hat to take home to our altars and work with in 2024. Mine was Miracles!


We are extremely hopeful as we enter the New Year for the Turning Point we have all been waiting for to occur.

Wishing you all the very best for 2024! May it be a year of Miracles for us all!


This month's photos courtesy of Zia.

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