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May 2023

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Happy May!

Welcome to May, the warming of the Earth and the fresh vitality it brings. In Celtic tradition, Beltane is celebrated from dusk on April 30th to dusk on May 1st. This year, the actual midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice will be at 15 degrees of Taurus on May 5th, so we will have an extended Beltane from May 1st to May 5th! It's a time of honouring Bel, the Bright One, the God of Light returning. It also includes a penumbral lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th, so it's a great time to let go of all that is holding you back! Love, Pete


From Shambles to Shambala

May 2023 Energy Update ~ "Intense Energies!"

During this powerful Eclipse season, we took the opportunity to do a sacred site ceremony to connect and activate the new Earth Grid, which we discuss in this video as well as the upcoming partial lunar eclipse and Pluto's significant involvement in the intensity we are experiencing.



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I will be joining Lou Matson for an interview on Beltane, May 1st, at 10 am PDT. Here is the link to the free Mundane to Magical Summit.

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I'm  committed to  continuing my work with one-on-one Gene Key sessions, which have proven to be profound experiences for many. I also work with groups or businesses who are starting out on a new venture. I look at the profile of each team member, the birth profile of the company/project, and how those involved can best work together while bringing their individual gifts to the fore in a wonderful co-creative fashion. 

This process has fantastic potential for maximizing efficiency and success. Projects often fail because of the challenges that arise through human ego and shadow, and this process can reveal what those potential challenges could be before they arise. This process can also be used to resolve issues that may already exist within an organization.

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Activating the Earth Grid!

by Peter Tongue

We knew that the Total Solar Eclipse right at the end of Aries on April 19/20 was going to be very powerful as, in addition to the Solar Eclipse, it was going to be the second New Moon in Aries that month, which is called a Black Moon and intensifies the energy of the Eclipse.

Oracle Girl was engaged in her April Silent Immersion and was spending her time connecting to the ancient sacred sites of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales through the elemental energies of those sites, raising the frequency of the ley lines, vortexes, and standing stone structures. We were delighted to discover that she was connecting to many places where we have already done sacred site work in the past. They included the Michael/Mary Line in the southwest of England, as well as Rosslyn Chapel, Mt. Schiehallion, and Iona in Scotland.


We had already decided that we also needed to go on our own sacred site pilgrimage to one of the Gulf Islands just off Vancouver Island. We had already learned through a local person that this Island was aligned, through the hexagonal and pentagonal geometry of the landscape, to some of the most powerful sacred sites on the planet - including Machu Pichu, Mt. Kailash in the Himalayas, the Ganges River, and Uluru in Australia.

We were able to discern the locations of the Island power points and spent some time at each one. We also discovered through Rory Duff (, an expert dowser from England, that there was a node point on this Island. This is a place where all ley lines converge so that when standing there, you can connect into all major ley lines on the planet. It is like being at the center of a nerve network of the Earth Grid. We dowsed the area ourselves and decided to do sacred ceremony near this location to intentionally activate the Earth Grid along these so-called dragon ley lines. Interestingly, Oracle Girl is inviting us to activate our Dragon Selves through pure love into the Earth Grid wherever we are on the planet.


It really feels as though we are now connected across the planet as this Earth Grid becomes fully activated.

We are right in the midst of Eclipse season as we move into May, and it is very intense. The first week of May is the cross-quarter day, midway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and is the week of the 24th Gene Key. This is one of the most challenging Gene Keys as it is where we get stuck in repetitive patterns going round the same loop time and time again. There are some natural gaps and the solution to it is to step into silence in those gaps, which can be very uncomfortable, so we either numb ourselves down or get hyperactive to avoid the discomfort. Try and spend some time in the stillness and silence this week and challenge yourself to be still!


Then on Friday at 10.33am, we have a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. It won’t be visible in the west, but we will feel its effects. It occurs in Scorpio where the south node of the Moon is, which is about the past and shining the light on all of our dark corners where we need to let go of those old habits and behaviours to set ourselves free and step into the new Earth energies of Taurus on the north node of the Moon.

This Scorpio Full Moon is traditionally the Wesak Full Moon when the Buddha returns to the Wesak Valley high in the Himalayas to bless the people and in so doing, offers an upgrade into a higher frequency of existence. A great opportunity to meditate on the precise moment of the Full Moon!


One of the most intense challenges is Pluto turning retrograde on May 1st at just one degree of Aquarius, now heading back to Capricorn to see what still needs to be transformed of the old Patriarchal energies. This bouncing back and forth with Pluto on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn will continue until November 2024, so there is still some work to be done over the next eighteen months before we can be set completely free from the old systems. We are being compressed, becoming diamond light, but it doesn’t always feel good. It is really important to practice self-care and nourish ourselves at this challenging time.

We have another powerful event later in the month when the New Moon in Taurus occurs on Friday May 19th at 8.55am PDT and at 28 degrees of Taurus. It is time to build a new solid foundation. However, that Pluto energy is going to be activated by a very close opposition to Mars in the last degree of Cancer on that day, so the volatility that began on the total Solar Eclipse is going to continue throughout May.

Enjoy the beauty of Spring and take extra good care of yourself this month!


This month's photos courtesy of Zia.

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