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August 2022

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Happy August!

The first few days of August correspond with the Cross Quarter Day of Lughnasadh, the mid-point between Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox. This is a time of celebrating the first harvest, particularly of the fruits and early crops. 

It is also a time of playful games in the Sun - not so much in competition, but just for the fun of it - like playful lion cubs. So have some fun in the sun this month and enjoy this vibrant time! This promises to be a very powerful month to crack us open!  

From Shambles to Shambala

August Energy Update - "Sirius & the 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal!"

Happy Lughnasadh! As we go deeper into the "Dog Days of Summer," Peter talks about the heliacal rising of Sirius as we approach the 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal. 



I am delighted to support my daughter Angela and her family in this remarkably brave and rich endeavour to choose and spread love across our wonderful country. I hope you will find it in your hearts to support them too!

"I am Peter and I choose LOVE!" 


CHOOSE LOVE Canada is travelling across the country this summer (2022) to hold simple community gatherings. They are now in the center of Canada - Manitoba! 

These intergenerational gatherings are designed around the needs of children and the most vulnerable, with the intention of supporting our human family to unite in love and create a more positive, loving world. Families are especially encouraged to attend!

Watch the Edmonton video below to get an idea of what gatherings are like.  Please get in touch if you are interested in gathering in your community! 

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Zia and I are still offering in-person and distance healing sessions to anyone interested locally or globally. 

My Gene Keys Consulting sessions are still available through Zoom, Skype, or over the phone. 

Monday Meditations

I am continuing with the long-distance zoom connection on Mondays at 6:30 pm Pacific. The zoom meditation is open to anyone who wishes to attend from around the globe. Please send an email to for further information.

We have begun in-person Thursday morning meditation, limited to 8 people, and by invitation only to those who were previously involved.

Radio Shows

I recently had a very interesting interview with Brooklin Rayne and Emily Ghosh on Unitea - "Activating Your Highest Genius"! Listen on YouTube.
Cari Murphy invited me to join her for an interview on "Straight Talk for the Soul" for the 8:8 Lion's Gate where we will discuss the Portal and other powerful energies around it. Join us on Monday August 8th at 11am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern. You can join through this link - it's free! I will be taking live questions.

I will also be guesting on a brand new online Retreat on the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence! "Embodying Your Soul Mission" airs on August 17th at 6 am Pacific, 9 am Eastern with Rayania Chaenn. Here is the link to sign up for free.

Retreats and Workshops

Gene Keys: The Seven Sacred Seals in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia!

Zia and I are delighted to be returning to Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia for a 3-Day retreat over Labour Day weekend: Friday September 2nd to Sunday September 4th. The Seven Sacred Seals is a deep and profound experience and we'd love to share it with you if you feel called.

The Seven Sacred Seals is a deeply-transformative mystical transmission of the Gene Keys. Richard Rudd has called it the "Permanent Opening of the Spiritual Heart,” and for good reason. It is all about the 22nd Gene Key of Grace.

Each of the Seven Sacred Seals calls forth the highest frequencies to assist us in transmuting our ancestral karma through the six lines of our Core Wound. We do this work not only for ourselves as individuals, but for our entire ancestral lineage – those who have come before us, and those yet to come. When we do this deeply-empowering work together as a group in sacred space, it has the potential to heal our collective wounds and thereby transform the world. It is the sacred key to our DNA, unlocking doorways to our human evolution.

The course does not require extensive knowledge of the Gene Keys, but familiarity with the Activation Sequence is helpful - especially the spheres of your Radiance and Purpose. Unlike other teachings of the Gene Keys, which require us to complete the Golden Path first, those who feel called by the Seven Sacred Seals are the ones meant to come – the only prerequisite is the deep knowing that you are meant to be there!

Please send me an email at to register or for further details.

Gene Keys Consulting with Peter

I'm  committed to  continuing my work with one-on-one Gene Key sessions, which have proven to be profound experiences for many. I also work with groups or businesses who are starting out on a new venture. I look at the profile of each team member, the birth profile of the company/project, and how those involved can best work together while bringing their individual gifts to the fore in a wonderful co-creative fashion. 

This process has fantastic potential for maximizing efficiency and success. Projects often fail because of the challenges that arise through human ego and shadow, and this process can reveal what those potential challenges could be before they arise. This process can also be used to resolve issues that may already exist within an organization.


Click here for your FREE Gene Keys Profile

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The 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal!

by Peter Tongue

We have a delightful run into the Lion’s Gate Portal this year on August 8th. The Portal opened on the first day of the Mayan New Year on July 26th, which this year was a Red Self-Existing Moon. This signature tone for the year is very feminine in nature: Intuitive and free-flowing, connecting through the Universal waters. The Star Sirius rises in perfect alignment with the Sun on the Eastern horizon at this time to open the Stargate, but cannot be seen yet as it rises conjunct the Sun. The portal reaches its peak on the 8:8 when Sirius can be seen rising just before the Sun in the same position just before dawn.

The New Moon in Leo occurred on Thursday, July 28th, providing a wonderful opportunity for us to get really clear on our intentions for the months to come. Leo represents us shining our brightest light and living our highest self-expression in a playful and fun way. It occurred in the 31st Gene Key, providing us with the gift of expressing ourselves through the written or spoken word.


On the New Moon, Jupiter was in a perfect trine angle of 120 degrees, creating a highly-beneficial energy of expansion, optimism, and enthusiasm. Jupiter was turning retrograde, standing still at the time, making its influence even more powerful. It was turning in the 6th line of the 17th Gene Key, giving us the opportunity to see the bigger picture into the future.

August 1st is celebrated as the Gaelic Festival of Lughnasadh, honouring the pagan God Lugh, and the early harvest. It is a celebration of having playful games and fun in the Sun, strongly connected to the Sun Sign of Leo, wanting us to take a break from the seriousness around us and lightening up. It is interesting that the Commonwealth Games are taking place during this time and let’s hope they do help to distract us and give us something to feel good about.

The 8:8 Portal provides a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with the heavens to download energy and information from the higher realms into form, by inviting more of our higher self down into form. On the Lion’s Gate, imagine being accompanied by a lion, stepping through the Portal of Grace, traveling along the Rainbow Bridge to connect to the 5th Dimensional new Human Evolutionary Grid which already exists, and draw it back with you as you return to this realm, bringing heaven to Earth, the New Garden of Eden, Shambala!


Just before the Portal closes, we have the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th. By then the North Node of the Moon will have moved into the 2nd Gene Key which is the most feminine of the Gene Keys and is inviting us to open to our spacious receptivity of intuition. It is critical that we don’t allow our logical brain to discount whatever intuitive information wants to come through. Self-doubt destroys our intuition!

The Moon will be in the 1st line of the 49th Gene Key which is the Siddhi of Rebirth. We have this wonderful opportunity throughout this period to get crystal clear on what we are complete with and what it is we want to take with us as we continue the journey into the 5th Dimensional realms!

I have spoken of Allison Coe previously and her work of hypnotic regression, where some of her clients go into their future selves rather than their regressed. The most recent transcript is very interesting. Her client under hypnosis in her future self was talking about the builders who are beings beyond our awareness who build the future according to what we dream/intend. They are waiting to build our future and all we have to do is set clear intention, both individually and collectively. We are shifting into a higher frequency, and therefore a higher dimension. All we need do is dream it into form and the builders will co-create it with us.


I have had a few opportunities in the glorious summer sun to practice this in the last few weeks. In a gathering at Harry’s Ravens Ridge, one of our regulars, Randy, led us in a ceremony of Bee Medicine. In the Dream Arc, the bee is the insect of the 44th Gene Key of Synarchy-working together as a team in crystal clear coherence. We individually walked a figure of 8 on the ground, pausing at the midpoint to intuitively set out our own ideal for our life to come and just let the insight come to us. Walking this infinity loop as many times as was necessary to not only get the insight but also the way to nurture it. Simple and profound!

Randy also hosted a gathering on Salt Spring Island, taking us to a couple of Sacred Sites in the landscape, just being with the land and Mother Nature, tuning into whatever wanted to show itself. Again, so simple, and profound with nature indeed showing herself in myriad ways. The birds have been spectacular, showing up it seems to confirm whatever we are discussing or even thinking about. This telepathic connection between humans with each other and with animals is really expanding our awareness of the connection of all that is.


Currently, there is a challenging astrological alignment with the North Node of the Moon conjunct with both Uranus and Mars. This is a potentially explosive arrangement in Taurus which could cause all sorts of eruptions, both Earth energies and human. It is really important for us to remain calm and centred, whatever is happening in the outer world, while trusting our own inner resources to cope and navigate through whatever shows up.

As the World increases in craziness and tension, it means we are getting closer and closer to the great Shift of the Ages, so please do take heart. Trust yourself and trust the Universal Life force. Later in the month, we have the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday August 27th which should bring some stability and grounding to the energies. Have a wonderful month!


This month's photos courtesy of Zia. 

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