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February 2022

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Happy February!

The first week of February is full of fresh beginnings with the New Moon in Aquarius, Imbolc, the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger, and the very powerful numerology of the 02:02:2022!

All of this during Mercury Retrograde, which led to the late arrival of this newsletter. Apologies and we hope it has been worth waiting for!

Look for our latest From Shambles to Shambala coming out soon as well. 




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Here is the link to the replay of Patty Malek's Soul Talk show on Jan 12th, which is still very relevant as I talked about the Pluto Return of America, which starts precisely on February 20-22nd!

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02:02:2022 to 02:22:2022 - Aquarian Gateway!

by Peter Tongue

The month opened with a bang with the New Moon in Aquarius, occurring in the final few hours of January here on the west coast of Canada, immediately followed by a series of fresh new beginnings during the first week of February. The New Moon at 12 degrees of Aquarius was conjunct Saturn, which suggests the building of new social structures, shifting power to the people, including a mass awakening, and returning to Humanitarian Principles.

On February 1st, we entered the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger, which symbolizes taking bold and courageous action for change in the free-flowing medium of water. An opportunity to take our crazy dreams and turn them into glorious reality.


This was followed on Groundhog Day with a potent and unusual numerology. February 2nd, 2022 which makes 02:02:2022. 5 2’s all lined up. Patti Cota-Robles states that this is the entry point to a Portal of Light called the Aquarian Gateway, which will remain open until February 22nd 02:22:2022, where the 5 2’s will be expanded into 6 2’s. She suggests that the Master Number 22 will pulsate with the impetus of power on all planes and the ability to change the course of history. This influx of light will then build in momentum for 21 days until February 22nd when we will receive the expanded Divine Potential of the 6 2’s! We will be able to benefit from this unprecedented opportunity in miraculous ways. Interestingly, the Pluto Return for America will be precise during the last two days of this event! Transformation! Patti’s website is

This first week of February is also the time of Imbolc, the first Cross-Quarter Day of the year. The midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is the first signs of spring as the early flowers like snowdrops bloom and the days are getting noticeably longer. It is the Celebration of Brigid, the Pagan Goddess who represents spring, fertility and birth, the light of eternal hope, and perpetual happiness. Imbolc means in the belly, and it signals the ewe’s milk coming in as she anticipates the arrival of the first lambs!


Brigid wears a robe of sunlight and has flame-red hair. She is a triple Goddess, representing, the maiden, the mother, and the crone, all aspects of woman. She operates across all the elements as the Goddess of Fire and all forms of metal work and alchemy. The water element through the holy wells, where many pilgrims will take the waters for healing at this time. She represents the air element through music, sound and poetry and the earth Element through agriculture and the animals.

It is during this time that the most significant event of recent Canadian History has taken place and it has not been reported upon in the mainstream media at all. Many people still have no clue as to the significance of this event. Canada has been in lockdown for much of the last two years and the Prime Minister has been fierce in his comments, speaking out against those who want  freedom of choice over what they put in their bodies. A few weeks ago, he brought out a Vaccine Mandate for all truckers entering across the Canadian Border, including Canadians and Americans alike. This was the last straw for a lot of people.


The truckers started to organize a cross Canada Truckers Convoy for Freedom beginning in Vancouver on Sunday January 23rd to arrive in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, one week later. What happened next was extraordinary! As they left the west coast, they received a heroes' send-off, with people lining the highways and bridges waving Canadian flags, as the trucks flashed their lights and sounded their horns in celebration. The convoy grew and grew as they entered each new town and city with more truckers, joining in the convoy. Different groups started from different locations at different times all converging on Ottawa. At one point traveling across the Prairies, the convoy was 75 km long (45 miles)!

The most wonderful aspect of it was the warm-hearted atmosphere that was created with everyone offering themselves in service to the cause. Free food, half-price gas, free hotel accommodation. It became a very emotional and loving pilgrimage.

Just before they arrived in Ottawa, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that he had been exposed to Covid and would have to self-isolate for 5 days, so would miss their arrival and the first day of parliament, with the Truckers surrounding the centre of the town. He continued to make disparaging comments about the Truckers and then announced that he had Covid and would have to move to a secret location out of town for another week. It is becoming abundantly clear that he has a completely different agenda than the welfare of the people of his country who have now banded together in a most amazing way.


As many have said, I feel Patriotic again! The people had lost their way because of the restrictions placed upon them over this two-year period, without fully realizing it, and now they are back!

The truckers are not going anywhere and will remain in Ottawa, until this gets resolved in a fair way for the good of the people. This is not just about Truckers; this is about all the good people of Canada standing up for their rights and freedoms; it's about freedom of speech as well, as so much of their message is being misrepresented in mainstream media. Other Convoys are planned across the Globe which will lead to the stepping into the Age of Aquarius, which is definitely upon us, and the people will decide their own fate!

Have a wonderful month of February! It's off to an exciting start. 


This month's photos courtesy of Zia. 

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