ColourSpace HTL/HTP Special for ZRO or CalMAN Home Users!

ColourSpace HTL/HTP Special for ZRO or CalMAN Home Users!

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Greetings from Ted Aspiotis (

I will inform you about the latest calibration news and a special offer for ColourSpace ZRO or CalMAN Home customers.

ColourSpace HTL or HTP -25% Special for ColourSpace ZRO or CalMAN Home users (until the end of December 2022)

We provide the capability to the ColourSpace ZRO and CalMAN Home customers to purchase ColourSpace HTL or HTP at -25% OFF.

That deal applies to CalMAN Home for LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, or ColourSpace ZRO customers.

If you experience poor customer support or calibration results, outdated documentation, can't wait for ages for your issues to be fixed, and can't afford the annual fees for updates.... then it's the right time to switch to ColourSpace.

ColourSpace Home Cinema Key Features (compared to Calman Home)

ColorSpace Software provides free software updates for several years without annual fees for updates.

CalMAN Home has one year of updates, and it will require to re-purchase of CalMAN Home every year at full price ($149) to keep the software updated.

That detail is hidden from CalMAN's Home Store, for the software to look 'cheaper' compared to ColourSpace HTL.

It's an excellent offer for ColourSpace ZRO customers to add LUT profiling capabilities for LG OLEDs, (TCL TVs soon), madVR, ENVY, Lumagen, Sony Projectors 1D LUT, or eeColor LUT boxes for having similar dE reports.

Compared with ZRO, the HTL/HTP will add LUT generation, 3D Volumetric charts, Volumetric tools to evaluate LUTs, custom PDF reports, layouts, and saving/export of measurement files.

The ColourSpace HTL is the license level that works with X-Rite/Calibrate/Spyder instruments and Konica Minolta MYIRO-1 spectrophotometer, while the ColourSpace HTP supports both consumer and high-end instruments.

ColourSpace HTP also supports LUT manipulation filters. is sponsoring that special offer, not LightIllusion.

This exclusive offer is valid for orders placed until the end of December 2022.

ColourSpace HTL has 425 UK Pounds retail, with -25% OFF; you can get it for 318.75 UK Pounds.

ColourSpace HTP has 1275 UK Pounds retail, with -25% OFF; you can get it for 956.25 UK Pounds.

Please use the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this email to inform you for more info.

Ted's PGenerator 1.4 ISO (2160p 10-bit TPG / YCbCr / HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision)

We have released Ted's PGenerator ISO 1.4.

Customers of Ted's PGenerator ISO 1.xx can send a request for the download link of 1.4 ISO.

Using the 1.4 ISO, the PGenerator will not be recognized as a PC but as a Personal Media Player.

The most significant addition is the ability to apply future updates/patches/bug fixes without the requirement to download a new ISO image.

Full Release Notes

Ted's PGenerator page will explain in more detail the new functions for CalMAN, HCFR, LightSpace, ColourSpace, or ColourSpaceZRO.

LightIllusion has added a license-level enhancement for the ColourSpace/ColourSpaceZRO customers of Ted's PGenerator ISO to be able to inject patterns (static/flashing) directly from ColourSpace/ColourSpaceZRO GUI.

LightIllusion will enable that feature to your license for free.

You can find a bundle of ColourSpace ZRO with Ted's PGenerator ISO here.

You can directly support the PGenerator developers here.

Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk REV.4 Template

It's now available to the DeviceControl Cloud of Ted's PGenerator users, the REV.4 of the Template.

The Custom Pattern Library is now supporting the upload of custom 2160p 8-bit PNG patterns.

Added a function to disable pattern scaling.

Release Notes

LG's Ultrafine Professional RGB JOLED Monitor integration with ColourSpace

LG and Light Illusion has agreed on a partnership to add ColourSpace integration to LG's EP950 and BP95E UltraFine displays.

Development hardware and the required LG API/SDK has been provided by LG, and the integration development work will begin shortly.

Hopefully, the next ColourSpace release will include direct integration for these LG displays.

 ColourSpace INF/XPT/PRO/CAL/LTE will include the integration, and as usual, all existing customer licenses will be updated for free.

That integration will allow ColourSpace a direct LUT upload function to these monitors for SDR and HDR10.

In Contrast, CalMAN Studio/Ultimate can perform 1D LUT AutoCAL (using guesswork) and a matrix 3D LUT (based on five patch measurements) in SDR only.

Currently, the ColourSpace users are using external LUT boxes for 3D LUT; you can see below some 1000p verification reports for SDR:

Nhat Do (0.1188 dE2000 average from 1000 color verification - - All dE below 0.68)

wisechoice (0.1376 dE2000 average from 1000 color verification - 1 color with dE2000 above 1)

Nhat Do (0.1482 dE2000 average from 1000 color verification - - All dE below 0.65)

ConnecTEDDD (0.1626 dE2000 average from 1000 color verification - All dE below 0.75)

ConnecTEDDD (0.1822 dE2000 average from 1000 color verification - All dE below 0.75

...and an HDR10 1000p verification here.

If you have any question or want to discuss other details, please contact us using that button below:

Contact Us

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