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 - WINTER 2022 - 


A message from our CEO – Liza Jankowski

We had a big start to the year when we launched our Call to Action to our community to try to secure ongoing government funding for SIDS and Kids SA. We asked our community to sign our petition and to write to both sides of politics and your collective voices were well and truly heard!

In mid-February we received a $50,000 donation from the Department of Premier and Cabinet and in March we secured a 4 year $800,000 funding commitment from the new Labor Government. Minister Chris Picton confirmed that the funding was "to help with our vital work and increasing workload". We are thrilled that the valuable work we do in supporting bereaved parents in the SA community has been recognised and acknowledge that the funding is an incredible gift to the bereaved parents of South Australia.

The Team at SIDS and Kids SA would like to say a huge THANK YOU to our community who took the time to use their voices to raise awareness and lobby for effective change by joining our call to action. Minister Picton specifically noted that it was "a testament to your cause that so many South Australians have joined your call to action, contacting their local Members of Parliament to make sure they were aware of this need".



A message from our Counsellors – Jaylene and Dorothy

Grief is neither an illness nor a pathological condition,
but rather a highly personal 
and normal response
to life-changing events,
a natural process 
that can lead to healing 
and personal growth.
The transition through this difficult time 
is the courageous journey.

-- Sandi Caplan and Gordon Lang, in
Grief's Courageous Journey: A Workbook



A message from our Community Liaison Manager – Kat

Another busy start to the year, and before we even blink, it's the EOFY....and Winter! SIDS and Kids SA continue to navigate the 'new norm' of the pandemic and part of this is learning to work smarter, not harder!  With the introduction of new programs and campaigns to raise awareness and vital funds to support our services, our amazing Community have jumped on-board with the new norm and continue to work closely with us to ensure our grieving families receive the highest level of support.

Community Leaders Program 2022

In its 45th year of service provision in education and bereavement support to the South Australian Community, SIDS and Kids SA rolled out the 'Community Leaders Program' offering the opportunity for our supporters to register as a community ambassador to raise awareness in their own network and represent the families who SIDS SA are currently supporting in their journey of grief. Each time a new referral comes through to our SIDS SA Counsellors, we will call out for a Community Leader to stand up and support our Organisation. Simple email to register as a Community Leader.

Tax Appeal 2022 - "Forever Our Princess Abigail"

With EOFY fast approaching, across the next month we are sharing a very special story to highlight how your generous donation can support parents and families in their darkest hour. This is a story of heartbreak and tragedy, deep love, but of hope and healing. Help us ensure that all bereaved parents have access to this life saving service. Please take the time to read Kirralee's Story, outlining the love and loss of her Princess, Abigail.


We are making it so much easier to make a tax-deductible donation towards this year's Appeal with the introduction of DONATION POINT, a QR coded donation platform allowing you to control every aspect of your donation, and receive an emailed receipt for your personal records.


" Be Bold. Wear Red" 2022 Fundraising Campaign

In it's 3rd year, we are very excited to launch the "Be Bold. Wear Red" Campaign for 2022! Last year, we had 37 Organisations jump on board to 'Be Bold' and we raised close to $10K, so let's make 2022 even BOLDER!

With a new selection of merchandise including delicious Café Style Cookies from our friends at Heavenly Delights in North Adelaide, and Silly Socks with animal prints for the kids, we can help you run the greatest morning tea, after work drinks or raffle to 'Be Bold' for SIDS and Kids SA! Check out our website to learn more.

Simply register your interest to participate and we will email you the 'Welcome Pack' to get your fundraising campaign off the ground!


Little Oak Photography Studio - RAFFLE TIME!

Do you want to be someone's hero? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️
Let's help SIDS and Kids South Australia raise much-needed funds to continue to help families in their time of need.
🎫 Purchase a Raffle Ticket for just $20.
📷 Go in the draw to WIN a Photography Package for your Family!
🥰 Know that you've helped support another Family.
💞 Know the team at SIDS and Kids SA can keep doing amazing work!
100% of Raffle Tickets sales will be donated directly to this awesome organisation! 
Limited tickets available! Each ticket has a 1-in-100 chance of Winning 🙌


A message from our Education Manager – Liza

COVID’s impact on the childcare sector has had a knock on effect with our safe sleep training delivery, with many centres putting PD activities on hold or cancelling training sessions due to COVID.

Safe sleep training is important and we recommend that all staff working with infants (especially those under 12 months of age and in particular under 6 months of age) undergo safe sleep training every 2 to 3 years to ensure they are current and up to date with best practice.

For more information or to book a safe sleep training for your centre please contact us on or phone 8332 1066.



If you would like to get involved in the latest SIDS and Kids SA Fundraising Calendar, become a Community Leader or require support from our Grief Counsellors, please contact us at: 8332 1066 or email

We look forward to the year ahead and will keep in contact in coming weeks with everything you need to know about upcoming fundraisers and events.

Take care and well wishes,

The SIDS And Kids SA Team

17 Hindmarsh Place, HINDMARSH SA, 5007

Call 08 8332 1066

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