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Artist: Skara
Release title: We slave our days
Label: Impure Muzik, Samuel Records, SM Musik, Bouwvakker
Release Date: 13-04-2021
Format: LP, Digital
Genre: Punk Hardcore
Country: Norway

The band is available for interviews.

For fans of Tragedy, Fugazi, Neurosis, Majority Rule

SKARA: A hard and rough crust as the top layer of snow; to congregate, to walk together...
It is also a band from Oslo, Norway.

Its inception started way back in May 2004, when some of its members shared some gigs in Poland while being on tour with their respective bands. In June 2019, they decided to unite. SKARA was born.

As a logic continuum, the band entered the studio in October 2019 and recorded 8 tracks, anchored in their intact love for DIY punk/hardcore.

But the time has come now. The yearly gift of the spring, when the snow gets hard and crust. Still covering up the delusions underneath while passionately clinging onto thick winter depressions. Four musicians transform their thoughts and emotions into airwaves in more or less logical patterns of reasoning. In fact, it is the only way they know. These feelings are translated in the artwork by Flo Impure through ashes, wine and paint on paper.

The 12'' LP is out with the help of SM MUSIK (DE), IMPURE MUSIK (FR), SAMUEL RECORDS (CZ) AND BOUWVAKKER (NL). 

Recorded by Pål Bedrup at My War Studio (Oslo, Norway) in October 2019
Mixed by Pål Bedrup and Skara
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Portland, USA)

The contracts
Into the void
Kids on the barricades
White hare
Illusions supplied
Rules for fools
The day-to-day negociations

Boris Lifschutz
David Goncalves
Thomas Guyennon
Jaap Olthof
The 12'' LP is out with the help of SM MUSIK (DE), IMPURE MUSIK (FR), SAMUEL RECORDS (CZ) AND BOUWVAKKER (NL). 

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