out now: Far From Your Sun - "The Origin of Suffering" (Post rock from France)

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Artist: Far From Your Sun
Release title: The Origin of Suffering
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 31-03-2022
Format: CD, Digital
Genre: Post Rock
Country: France

For fans of Tool, Disturb, Breaking Benjamin, Muse, Iron Maiden

"The Origin of Suffering", the second Far From Your Sun album, will take you from the banks of the Nile in Ancient Egypt to the heart of the 19th century and the poems of Emily Dickinson and Oscar Wilde, from the coming of Jesus on earth to the signs of the end of the world.

Prepare yourself for a historical, spiritual, emotional and artistic journey.

Art can be universal and transcend cultures, points of view, traits and many other things. It can connect us with one another and it can make the world a lot better and a lot more meaningful for a lot of people out there. That is the core basis of Far From Your Sun (FFYS) and what we have to offer.

This musical project came to be as a way the FFYS musicians could express themselves through music and at the same time make recordings that could mean something to the listeners. This is not an ego trip or something we do for personal glory, which is why the Far From Your Sun band is anonymous and studio-based.

The expression Far From Your Sun is a reference to how human beings can live fulfilled and happy in the shadow of the artificial lights, far from the fads, far from a flattering, but often elusive, misleading sun. This is something we have always wanted to express through Rock music, combined with the beauty and oftentimes tragic feel of poetry, thus making for a very compelling and unique experience.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frédéric Gervais at Henosis studio - France
Drums recorded by Sylvain Masure at Le Chalet Studios - France

01/ A Crown Without Thorns
02/ Water for Osiris
03/ The Hand and the Voice
04/ La Fuite de la Lune
05/ Enough
06/ I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
07/ Behind the Wall
08/ Where Planets Die
09/ Tempus Edax, Homo Edacior

Anonymous and studio-based band


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