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It does not matter where you are, you can join us for the Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net. Practice using your radio equipment, ask for a signal report or join us to ask questions or offer your advice.
When: Every Wednesday evening, excluding holidays at 2000 hours PST.

To participate using one of the local repeaters look here: and click on repeaters. Use the SNARS Linked system.

To participate using our chat room or listen to our live web feed just click this link.
The live web feed is at the bottom of the page. TIP: use the chat room while listening to the web feed !

Listen to all our past net sessions!

You can listen to all our past net sessions using this link:

Prepper Field Days & Frozen Prepper Days

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Learn about prepping, survival skills, radio skills and more.

Your Net Control Operators

Ken - K7KBJ  Net Manager

David - K7DWW  

Stacie - KJ7RNN

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