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In the new issue of the GRATA International legal digest, we present to you the most recent updates and publications in the field of corporate law. Our lawyers have prepared a guide with the most common questions about doing business in a number of countries from a perspective of corporate law. 

This issue also includes the latest changes in the legislation of Kazakhstan in the 1st quarter of 2024 in the field of electric power industry and PPP, as well as in  finance & banking sphere. 

Q&A Corporate Law

Legal experts within the GILS framework provided an overview of the legislative database across different legal environments and presented them in a Q&A format.

The second edition of GILS is dedicated to corporate law and covers key issues of corporate legislation in 15 jurisdictions: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan.

This edition of GILS provides an overview of the environment for doing business in each jurisdiction: forms of doing business and establishment of legal entities, general taxation issues, regulatory and other issues.

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Latest news & publications

Shareholders' Meeting Regulation Under The Company Law of Mongolia

by Bolormaa Volodya, Partner GRATA International Mongolia

Under the current Company Law of Mongolia, shareholders’ meeting is the highest governing body of a company. Articles 59-74 outline a diverse range of regulations, covering Shareholders’ meeting, their authority, notice of meeting, attendance procedures, and criteria for decision validity. Furthermore, Article 70 of the Company Law encompasses the shareholders’ entitlement to lodge complaints regarding the Shareholders’ meeting and resolutions therefrom. The article overviews basic rights of shareholders, shareholders' meeting, etc.

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Conflicts between JV shareholders. Kazakhstani corporate law review

by Zaira Sarsenova, Partner GRATA International Kazakhstan

It is well known that business in Kazakhstan is operated via joint ventures (JV) that are created, mainly, in a form of limited liability partnership by two or more companies. The creation of joint ventures has become most popular over the past 10-12 years due to introduction on a political level of unspoken recommendations on local content increase to the business of the oil region of Kazakhstan. To increase local content in shareholding foreign companies have indiscriminately begun setting up the joint ventures with local enterprises in their sector. This review covers the legal peculiarities of relations between the shareholders in such enterprises. 

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How foreign investors can alienate a share in a Belarusian entity?

by Violetta Liudchyk, Associate GRATA International Belarus

Issues of sanctions and countersanctions have been one of the main topics for discussion during the last 3 years. Belarus followed Russia and adopted the list of so called “unfriendly states”. In terms of corporate countersanctions it imposed restrictions on “unfriendly ”shareholders of companies according to the list adopted by the Council of Ministers. It prohibited withdrawals, reorganizations, alienation of shares, registration of any changes in shareholding structure for the companies included in the list. The article shares recommendations for alienating a share in a Belarusian entity for foreign investors. 

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