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VOLUME 27 | 5 AUGUST 2022


The WHO review and why it matters to you
by Abir Ballan

This in-depth review attempts to empower you with key information to help you assess the World Health Organization’s candidacy as an authoritative global public health organisation.

"It is a must read by anyone who is interested in public health, the global COVID-19 WHO policies – that almost all nations followed, and the full extent of the corruption by WHO/global leaders and governments. The review also lists out what should have been done instead." ~ Dr Robert Malone

Watch Abir Ballan's interview with Kristina Borjesson about the WHO Review

The catastrophic harms of expert opinion could have been greatly mitigated: Here's how
by Dr David Thunder

If a class of experts with privileged access to policymakers goes badly wrong in its judgments, this may inflict significant harms on those affected by the policies and behaviour they recommend. However, the harms inflicted by official experts during the pandemic could have been hugely mitigated if expert advice had been given a more modest and humble role in the political process, and if expert committees had incorporated a much wider range of expert opinion.

Coronavirus propaganda: reflections on an episode of mass self-haunting
by Dr Colin Alexander

The selective and strategic overstating of certain issues and understating of others and use of fearmongering rhetoric by governments during the pandemic should be concerning to citizens. It indicates a degree of contempt for the public by officialdom and a disrespect for democratic processes.

#ThinkingAllowed: Creating Research Consensus
A PANDA scientist contemplates the propaganda-type techniques in promoting consensus in research.

Breaking the Chains
The pandemic and everything associated with it has become highly polarised. It has forced many to take strong positions on how they feel, entrenching them into belief structures. In the case of Group Identity, the drive to create a group (and therefore an out-group) is derived from our evolution for survival which was improved by the assimilation into groups “like us” that would accept us, and improved our ability to quickly identify those who were not. This is a parable for now.


Open Society Sessions
Open Society Sessions aim to examine the political, societal and economic dimensions of our recent experience and analyse developments in the future.


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