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PANDA was formed to question the use of bad science and a lack of transparency in deciding government policy to Covid-19. We really believe there is a better way to deal with the challenge that does not involve damaging our humanity.

We remain committed to telling the other side of the story. This past week, we were honoured to have Dr Michael Yeadon join our scientific advisory board, adding his expertise to the team. He joins the other scientists and experts who have already been offering advice, debating research and pursuing knowledge with remarkable tenacity.

A powerful motivator for the team, has been the many people who tell us that PANDA has become a safe and sane refuge for them in the Covid madness. People from all walks of life across the world who have supported us, shared our data and who believe that our work has value. You have no doubt also endured abuse for your stance and we want to thank you for being with us on this journey. Our dedication to openness and science continues.

~Nick Hudson and The PANDAS


The Spirit of Science-
a conversation with Dr Claire Craig

Clare is a diagnostic pathologist who has looked into the UK’s Covid testing strategy in great detail. In her own words she is a lover of data, digital pathology and AI, sceptical but optimistic.

A 'fake news' boomerang

In the Daily Maverick article of 23 November, ‘Fake news and Misinformation kill: How can you trust what you are told about Covid-19’, the ‘Scientists Collective’ (‘SC’) make the obvious point that, in the Internet age, there is a lot of misinformation about.

PANDA’s formation was premised on this very idea. Since March, we have been building a global multi-disciplinary team of doctors, geneticists, virologists, actuaries, economists, statisticians, lawyers and other professionals, guided by some of the finest scientists in the world from Oxford, Stanford and Harvard Universities.

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Kevin McKernan | Corman-Drosten PCR Methodology

Bretigne Shaffer from What Then Must We Do interviews PANDA’s Kevin McKernan about the report he co-authored calling for the retraction of the Corman-Drosten PCR methodology, which forms the basis of most of the PCR testing worldwide for Covid-19.

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#idonotconsent #unmaskourkids

PANDA backs this parent-led initiative to put an end to the madness that is damaging our children both physically and psychologically.

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