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VOLUME 24 | 11 MAY 2022

PANDA's evolution has been quite a ride. We started informally and “on the fly”, with a focus on pushing against South Africa’s lockdown. That quickly spawned questioning of the premise of the perceived crisis and the broad international policy response, and our rapid growth into a truly international group.

Along the way, many questions have turned into explanations, but it is always the case that new explanations reveal fresh questions. As the epidemiological and medical explanations become richer, it is natural that attention should turn to the context of the pandemic. While our focus is shifting to reflect that, our Open Science approach—of fluid engagement and continual conjecture and criticism—is not.

There is no bright line between the domains of science and society. Good explanations bring us closer to the truth—or more precisely, to reality—in all areas of knowledge. The cultural and political phenomena that describe the root causes of the Covid policy crisis may interact in very complex ways, but they should not prevent us from improving on received explanations, which more often than not are the product of propaganda intended to mislead. We can all perceive some of the entities, memes and agendas behind this propaganda, but a coherent evaluation is required in order to know what to do about them.

Our aim is to be a leading sense-making organisation, provoking activists around the world to base their strategies on sound knowledge.

You are invited to join us on the journey.

Nick Hudson


The Quest for Open Science with Nick Hudson

Don't miss this opportunity to catch Nick Hudson live in London on 26 May, followed by an interview with Jeffrey Peel.

His latest presentation is pitched at a curious audience who is starting to question the official narrative - this is your chance to invite them.

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The WHO Paradox

The Covid response has revealed a powerful pandemic preparedness industry that has come to dominate global public health through private and corporate funding and associated conflicts of interest that have subverted public health institutions.

The pandemic ‘treaty’ proposed by the WHO is a symptom of this diversion of global health resources from community-based and high-burden endemic disease programmes, to the purchase and mandating of pharmaceuticals for relatively rare outbreaks with lower mortality.

PANDA believes this is a major threat to human rights and global health.

Through this campaign, we will be highlighting the processes that have led here and the potential harms, defining alternative approaches that promise greater benefit to society and health, and initiating and supporting efforts to advocate for these approaches.

Get insights. Take action.


Accountability for Failed Covid-19 Policy Measures and Mandates

An in-depth letter, open for signatures by healthcare professionals from around the world, calling for the accountability of those that ignored the warnings that the cost of Covid policy would have far-reaching consequences.

"Having tried to contain the Covid-19 epidemic for two years, real-world evidence suggests that the measures adopted globally have failed in their primary objective of “controlling the virus”, whilst at the same time causing immense harm. Indeed, there is no compelling evidence supporting lockdown restrictions, social distancing, mask mandates or vaccine mandates."

Read the letter


The New Global Health: Doing Good by Hammering the Poor

by David Bell

“Doing good” on a global scale has never been so popular, and never more profitable. The WHO's pandemic treaty negotiations hold promise to lock in this upward shift of wealth, enabling a repetitive regime of lockdowns, border closures and coerced vaccination to continue the impoverishment and subjugation of those less fortunate. 

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#ThinkingAllowed: What is true science?

by PANDA Scientists

A freeform discussion between two PANDA scientists directly off the PANDA Knowledge Factory floor, touching on the problems with “The Science” and credentialism.

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Welcome to Clown World

by Nick Hudson

2020 will forever be etched in our memories as one in which the most radical departure from reality as we knew it occurred. But while ‘the new normal’ imposed upon the world, and its stark contrast from life as we knew it, may, perhaps, mark 2020 as more distinctive in its peculiarity, the bizarre and often incongruous reality that unfolded in 2021, in many ways, surpassed that of its predecessor.

This series of articles in BizNews by PANDA Chairman, Nick Hudson, explores the key drivers that have defined the past two years.

Part 1: Mask Masquerade
Part 2: Vaccine Zealots
Part 3: The Politics of Covid
Part 4: An Extraordinary Week


European Parliament Petition

Although children have a negligible risk from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, their lives have been upended as a result of the response to Covid-19. Their health and wellbeing is at stake.

132 European doctors and scientists, supported by 57 colleagues from around the world have already signed this petition that aims to get a public hearing in the European Parliament that will allow doctors and scientists to testify in front of the European Parliament and European citizens, as well as to obtain a resolution to protect children from the harm of the Covid-19 response.

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