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VOLUME 22 | 4 APRIL 2022

It's been a while...but PANDA Threads is back with reliable, researched and rational perspectives on the events shaping our world.

The PANDAs have been creating powerful campaigns, as well as new sense-making articles, to empower people to claim back human agency.

We are exploring new territories, namely the political and social drivers of the pandemic, and invite you to join us as we expand our horizon beyond the discussion of a single virus.
Please share our content and help others see the bigger picture.

New and topical


From Covid-19 To Ukraine: Bouncing from one crisis to the next and the importance of staying focused

by Dr Piers Robinson

When COVID-19 first came to dominate the news back in March 2020, I wrote an article for the independent media outlet OffGuardian, warning of the grave dangers we might face. I was not referring to COVID-19, and whatever threat that might have been posing, but to the possibility that powerful actors could seek to exploit the crisis in order to further political and economic agendas.

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WHO decides Africa's health? Learning from the Covid-19 disaster

by Dr David Bell, PHD

Imagine control of all future responses to virus outbreaks being dictated to the entire world by a cadre of unelected health bureaucrats in a distant country or continent. A repeat of the past two years every time there is a bad flu – but without a control group such as Sweden or Tanzania demonstrating a less harmful alternative?


Is the 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' a media construct?

by Wilton Alston and
Dr Shibrah Jamil

Does the foundation of immunology, epidemiology, and ethics, on which medical decisions have historically been made, support the statement that the unvaccinated are driving the pandemic?


What about the vulnerable?

by Abir Ballan, MPH

As the reality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus being endemic becomes clearer, some governments have shifted their focus towards a more realistic way of living with the virus. We all wish to regain normality. However, the question on everyone’s mind is how do we protect the vulnerable and move on with life?

Focus on South Africa

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Welcome to the permanent pandemic

With the publication of the proposed regulations under the National Health Act and the Code of Good Conduct under the Labour Relations Act, government has finally shown us what life looks like after two years of emergency regulation. The pressing question is whether the society being created with these regulations is one you want to live in?
Welcome to the permanent pandemic.

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The South African Government has called for public comment on the Health Act Amendments, which seek to make the Covid regulations permanent.

You can influence the outcome. Have you say on DearSA

Vaccine mandates in 2022 – A failure of leadership

Leaders who implement mandatory vaccination in March 2022, when the evidence before them is clear, do not deserve to be in leadership positions and there will be a swift reckoning for them potentially involving a high financial price.

Mandatory vaccination of contractors

Many companies have already implemented mandatory vaccination schemes for the employees and now seek to extend the policies to anyone entering their premises, including suppliers, tenants and consultants. What are your rights if you are on the receiving end of one of these policies?

Mandatory vaccine policy at work? Know your rights

Prepared by our legal team for use if your employer has decided on a mandatory vaccination policy. This pamphlet not only explains your rights, but also provides the laws that back you up.

Open Science Sessions

PANDA’s internal weekly Open Science Sessions provide an opportunity for science, research and policy to be presented by various leading international experts in a variety of diverse fields. These sessions lead to fascinating open discussions and debate and allow our scientists to broaden their understanding and inspire new ideas.

Open Science Sessions: Coronavirus, Propaganda and States of Fear
Open Science Sessions: How flawed data has driven the narrative


Breaking the Chains

Behavioural Science is a field of psychology used to change behaviour and views by influencing and nudging the unconscious mind. Teams are engaged by governments and institutions globally with the prime purpose of altering your decisions and behaviours.

But you can break the chains and set your decision-making free.

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