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After half a million views, an outpouring of emotional positive responses, no complaints about veracity and 100 likes for every dislike, PANDA’s BizNews presentation, "Time To Reopen Society" was deplatformed by YouTube.

Censoring speech, let alone true speech, is evil, and YouTube has gone Stalinist. George Washington said: “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.” Please help us to get this message out there.

In addition to censoring the BizNews channel, YouTube removed PANDA's interview of the great Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, hero of the Swine Flu scandal of 2009, and the most-watched video on the PANDA YouTube channel. You can watch on our Odysee channel here.

The pattern here is that true words are the ones that must go. The standard that YouTube & Co have set is that the narrative of frauds like Fauci, Drosten and Tedros, though false, must not be contradicted. We must rise up against this encroaching darkness.



DeSantis, Atlas, Gupta, Bhattacharya and Kulldorff,
all on one stage

On March 18, 2021, as a follow-up to his September 2020 online round-table, Governor DeSantis brought together a host of heavy hitters – deeply knowledgable in their fields – to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on societies. This is a useful summary of their discussion.

The original video was censored by YouTube. 

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A Critical Analysis of the Covid Response

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 global pandemic, many issues have arisen that run contrary to historical precedents and known and practiced public health principles of the last century.

This article discusses some of these issues: assumptions made without evidence, the incorrect case definition, PCR diagnostic test problems, the impact of these two factors on morbidity and mortality estimates, school closures, face masks, lockdowns and their effects on children. 

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Read the article - German
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Video by The Very Opinionated Show
PANDA member Kate Wand

"No one person or group can claim the mantle of public health, and no one person or group can claim to know what is best for the collective, just as no one leader should make devastating decisions for the “greater good” of society. Self-proclaimed public health experts are really nothing more than aspiring autocrats who happen to populate governments and academic departments."

"There Is No Such Thing as a Public Health Expert" An Essay by Jordan Schachtel

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L E G A L   M A T T E R S

Austrian court overturns judgement:
PCR tests not meant for diagnosis

The Administrative Court in Vienna determined in its decision that the bundle of criteria used by Health Minister Anschober to identify Corona illness were false.

News Article - German
Vienna Court Judgement

Belgium must lift ‘all Covid-19 measures’ within 30 days,
Brussels court rules

The Belgian State has been ordered to lift “all coronavirus measures” within 30 days, as the legal basis for them is insufficient, a Brussels court ruled on Wednesday.

The League for Human Rights had filed the lawsuit several weeks ago and challenged Belgium’s system of implementing the measures using Ministerial Decrees, which means it is done without any input from parliament.

Brussels Times Article
Le Soir Article


A few weeks ago @ClareCraigPath,
and I wrote a short piece on endemic Covid, and what it might look like. It seems particularly relevant to current observations.


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L I F E   I N   L O C K D O W N

Helena, Italy

I live in Bolzano, Italy, and spent my first 3 month quarantine in Milano. During the ‘second wave’ my stepdaughter had a persistent nosebleed and some other flu-like symptoms. She eventually took a Covid PCR test which turned out to be positive. Her nightmare then began. Unfortunately she was not with us but with her mother in Milano; by the health authorities she was forced to stay locked in her room and her mother was advised to leave her meals outside the door and come into contact with her only wearing a mask and gloves. She had an oxygen meter clamped to her finger and was forced to receive daily injections of epinepherine to her stomach administered by her mother. These injections left livid bruises all over her stomach which I saw a week after she was released from a nearly 3-week quarantine from hell. She was not allowed to leave the room to take a shower and when she used the toilet she had to disinfect it. Additionally, the health services took her phone number and would phone her every day, sometimes grilling her for 40 minutes demanding to know where she was at Christmas, where she was before Christmas, if she had seen her friends and any amount of personal information. They also sent people to arrive at the house and force entry to her room to ‘check that she was obeying quarantine’, people who insisted on being admitted and ogling a young girl lying in her bed. She had to have a covid PCR test every week where apparently the nurse screamed at her to ‘stop being such a baby’ when she insisted on having her mother with her and winced when a cotton bud was rammed up the nostril that a few hours beforehand had been bleeding so freely that she had vomited the blood that had pooled in her stomach. She related all this to me a week later, it was the first thing she told me about when she arrived with us. She had gone through such an emotional regression she insisted on sleeping in the bed with us (she’s 18) because she could not bear being alone for longer than an hour after having been locked up all alone for weeks on end. She related this to me white and shaking and covered in bruises and I honestly cried to see the psychological trauma and violation forced onto this beautiful young person just entering their independence and womanhood. What was done to this girl was violating and cruel and had the dangerous effect of teaching a young woman that other people have more rights over her body than she has. I cannot forget this and the consequences to her will last years into the future. Harm that was so easy to inflict will take years to undo.
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