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In a year that has felt simultaneously very long and very unreal it seems equally unreal that it's December, and whilst 2020 is about to end the mangled crisis management surrounding Covid-19 is not nearly over.

Like everyone across the globe who has been deeply affected by the response to Covid-19 and the disease itself, the members of PANDA are tired and in need of a rest. However, this does not mean PANDA will go dark - the passion that drives each volunteer and the constant fuel politicians the world over are adding to the wildfire that is the Covid-19 response, means that PANDA members will still be hard at work, albeit with more frequent breaks in between.

Once again, thank you for walking this road with us. Hopefully, you too will be able to take more frequent breaks and get some rest this festive season.

~Nick Hudson and The PANDAS


Dr. Mike Yeadon and Nick Hudson on Jerm Warfare

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice-president and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer's global R&D joins Nick Hudson and reveals that half or even “almost all” of tests for COVID are false positives.

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PANDA's Protocol for Reopening Society

PANDA has published its Protocol for Reopening Society based on the principles of focused protection as described in the Great Barrington Declaration. 

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Abir Ballan

"To tackle the problem holistically, we have formed a multidisciplinary team made up of immunologist, microbiologist, geneticists, data scientists, physicians, economist, psychologists, educators, public health professionals and business owners."


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What We Read

Over 100 scientists, doctors and leading authorities call for increased vitamin D use to combat Covid-19. Scientific evidence indicates vitamin D reduces infections and deaths.

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