2nd International Photography Contest by Great Photo Awards

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"Portrait World"

2nd International Photography Contest
by Great Photo Awards

Pursuing the positive outcome of the previous competition, our new “Portrait World” photo competition is already open for participations seeking inspired portraits beyond the ordinary.


This time the competition has to do with the interpretation of human identity and photographers are asked to depict the inner part of personality and soul which makes every human in this world so different. The portrait as the most popular and at the same time demanding and artful photography subject challenges your creativity and invites you to prove your ideas, inspiration and potential.

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As in the previous competition, cash prizes of two hundred and fifty euros will be awarded to each winner in individual categories. Οn top of that, an exceptional prize will be awarded to the overall winner (selected out of the five individual winners of the categories). An art exhibition with the most voted photos will be held at IMAGE+TECH & PHOTOVISION Photo Fair (to be organized in Athens, April 5-7, 2024). Additionally, there will be local awards exclusively for Greek participants, kindly donated by Greek companies.

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Participations are going to be judged in the most objective and thorough manner by a six strong international team of prominent photographers and journalists, assuring that winners will be the best and the most worthy.
• Pascal Baetens • Alfonso del Barrio • Sanjay Jogia
• Panagiotis Kaldis • Mihaela Noroc • Elena Paraskeva

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Portrait world themes unfold in five categories giving you ample opportunities in each one to participate with different types and styles of portraits: You can send your creative works in the following categories: My favourite portrait, Ethnic, Environmental/Work, Group and Self portrait

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Early bird closing date: 17/1/2024
Competition closing date: 14/02/2024

We are looking forward to receiving your entries!

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