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Gepeperde berichten vol leuke weetjes over kruiden, voeding en gezondheid van geregistreerd herborist Lars van Hemmen.


Healing Corona 


Een engelse nieuwsbrief

Ik ontvang vanuit de hele wereld de mooiste natuurgeneeskundige inzichten en die deel ik graag. Het liefst zo snel mogelijk, dus niet vertaald. Eerst de video die ik kreeg, een arts aan het woord over virussen en Corona.  Daarna mijn antwoord en visie op genezing. 

Corona betekent ‘Krans om de zon...’ opening kroonchakra van alles en iedereen.
(Met dank aan Karin P. Amsterdam)

Eerst (helaas) dit bericht, in verband met de snelheid dus gewoon in het engels, zoals ik mijn visie op gezondheid heb geschreven naar Ingrid in Amerika. Ik zal het later op mijn website in het Nederlands vertalen voor degene die moeite hebben met engels. 

Coronavirus Fear, Germ Theory, Exosomes, and Resiliency - Thomas Cowan, MD, and Sayer Ji:


Ingrid, thank you for sharing this video, it is an eye opener.

I’ve read your part on fluor also and see a connection between the disconnecting from our spiritual being. So the question is can a human being ever be truly disconnected.

As we look at nature itself it always seems to find a way in healing itself.

For example: as I look at RAS-blockers the blood ‘thinning’ chemicals, they widen the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles. You could picture it as: o to O. They actually don’t thin blood, so more ‘bad blood’ will flow through the vessels. But our body doesn’t want that to happen. After a period of chemically relaxing the vessels, say about a year, the body will try by different ways to tighten the muscles so the chemicals do not work anymore. By then the damage is, off course, already done.

I also notice that a synthetic chemical can never heal in itself. A body will respond to a synthetic chemical as it is a toxin. Always. That is why all chemicals have adverse reactions. It is the release of toxins after the chemical reaction. The main adverse reaction I read a lot in the descriptions of chemicals is de poisoning of the liver and kidneys where as kidney failure and liver failure is the deadly result. Even sudden death. It is very simply explained by the fact that these are the main cleaning tissues (organs) in the body. All chemical toxins end up there one way or the other. Often within one to two years after the start of the chemicals this phenomenon is becoming visible if not earlier.

Also most skin problems we see in people who are using these ‘chemicals’ to ‘heal’ are explained by this intoxication. The liver removes the toxins as far away from the main organs and the body removes them by through the skin and there the toxins will irritate the skin. Often at first in the palm of the hands, feet, elbow, arms.

It is this reason that chemicals always take energy from the sick body that in fact needs all it’s energy for healing. We should therefore stop calling medicines ‘medicine’ or ‘medication’, but simply call it what it is: chemicals (that use up energy).

Synthetic designed chemicals
can never heal a human being

This is the main reason that synthetic chemicals
do not now, and will never heal a human being:

The human is an entity of spiritual being and energy. All our cells are producing and/or using energy. Everything we do uses up energy. In chemical healthcare this is completely ignored. Eating takes energy, but when digesting in the correct way with good quality food it can deliver energy, that is what eating is supposed to do. Food should add more energy then it takes to digest the food. Only then it adds energy. Digesting takes energy, walking, breathing the air, it all takes energy.

Chemicals are designed to give a chemical reaction to suppress ‘something’ called symptoms. The mainstream healthcare is completely based on ‘chemical science’. In other words, staring at chemical reactions. That is also the reason why in general people believe ‘more’ is ‘stronger’ or better. More chemicals give more chemical reaction. It’s that simple. This adds up to the idea that ‘less’ will not work. Or Homeopathy does nothing at all. The strange thing, that is also ignored, is that the blood and cells of human beings consists of carefully balanced compounds some of which are in a homeopathic dilution of D12. When these compounds are removed we die.

Translation from Etienne van Rattingen: Homeopathy works.

Magnesium is found in very small particles in neural tissue (textus nervosus). The mineral in one cell is extremely small. And yes! There are calculations designed for it. For example: Physicist C. Schmidt calculated that every cell contains as little as one billionth part Kalium muriaticum. That is an D12 dilution, one twelfth decimal dilution.

This is why people end up taking ever ‘more’ chemicals because in the origin of their perception of general health, something has to be destroyed: their illness. So they need a lot of chemicals. The same miseducation is exposed in farming the land. They always ‘need’ more chemicals to destroy ‘something’ and more chemicals to make things grow. It will never work. It is a dead end street. Devastating results are visible all over the world.

The reason for this is that behind all and everything we find the same producing chemical refining companies (oil).

We are Human beings 

Human being is based on biological and physics (From Ancient Greek φυσικός phusikós, “natural; physical”; φύσις (phúsis, “origin; nature, property”); φύω phúō, “produce; bear; grow”, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bʰuH- (“to appear, become, rise up”).

What we should do as a human being is start to stop waisting energy on intoxication. Eat the proper way in which the body needs food and can digest the food we eat. It is called ‘Food combining’ or ‘natural hygiene’ and has been around for ages. Then the body will start building up energy which it will use to remove all toxins, an average person walks around with 2,5 kg - 10 kg toxins in the body, and later on heal itself. This is also the case in spiritual food or impressions, like Gurdjieff mentioned. The mind, your thoughts are influencing your energy and that of other beings.

This is what I educate people and this is my way of healing. I use herbs for helping the body remove toxins or complaints like pain or itching, or tumors, the result of toxins. This is the only way we can heal ourself. To put it in my own words:

What you eat is poisoning.
The water you drink is toxic.
The air you breath is sickening.
Your way of life so far from nature.
Then you take more poison to heal.
So why do you think,
I can help you?

Lars van Hemmen

We should all rise up because we are physical beings.
We should all become human again.


© Copyright, 2020, Herborist Lars van Hemmen • Zwarteweg 4

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