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NOCCO Anonymous Times 

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April 2023 Issue


“Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

In step four of AA you are taking an honest look at yourself, both good and bad traits.  This requires you to be honest with yourself.  Making a list on paper or computer will allow you to inventory your resentments: people, places, things, institutions, ideas and principles with whom you have been hurt, threatened, angered, or are resentful toward.  Step 4 works when you make that searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.  It is the beginning of your journey into a deep dive of your character traits and defects and how it affects others. Some examples of a Step 4 inventory are listed here:

  • “I lie to the people I care about, and it’s hurt them.”
  • “I desire power, so I boast about my achievements.”
  • “I have alienated those around me by my selfishness.”
  • “I bring others down with my self-loathing and shame.”
  • “I am self-righteous and judgmental of others.”
  • “I have taken my anger out on my family and friends.”                                                             

STEP FOUR OF AA: Moral Inventory of Yourself

Step 4 of Alcoholics Anonymous encourages us to make, “A searching and fearless moral inventory” of ourselves. In effect, this step is designed to help those struggling with alcoholism examine their character and behaviors. Through the process of discovering the true nature of personal character, you learn to understand and identify the weaknesses that may have helped contribute to alcoholic behavior. When you identify your weaknesses, it allows you to recognize these habits in the future. As you might expect, searching yourself so intimately can be a deeply uncomfortable and challenging endeavor. Luckily, there is a process for practicing Step 4 of AA. It is suggested that you have a Sponsor to guide you through this personal work. 

How Should I Work Step 4?

As you work through Step 4 you may find that it takes more time and dedication than you initially thought. However, it is a process worth conquering. Here are a few tips to help you through it.

  • Make a list. Take a moment to make a list of things in your life that have produced negative feelings. These may include people, institutions, principles, beliefs, life situations, or circumstances that have made you feel angry, bitter, or resentful. Even if your list is long, try not to hold back. Be honest about the things and circumstances that have produced negativity in your life, even if you recognize that those negative feelings may be unwarranted.
  • Accept that you are responsible for your behaviors (past, present, and future ones). As you make your list and work through Step 4, you’ll also need to stop blaming others for your behavior. You and you alone are responsible for the things you do and say.
  • Push through your fear. Although this step involves making a “fearless” inventory, that doesn’t mean you won’t be scared. Understandably, after you make your list, you might be hesitant to share it with your sponsor.  Your sponsor should be someone you trust and you don’t have to feel ashamed or scared. Even if you’re scared, Step 4 asks you to not allow those fears to stop you from being honest with yourself and others as you examine your life and your behavior.
    1. Firstly, we express compassion for the person who has angered us, by saying the fourth step prayer, as described on page 66 of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous), 

      4th Step Prayer

      When a person offended, we said to ourselves,

      "This is a sick man.
      How can I be helpful to him?
      God save me from being angry.
      Thy will be done.

      The Step 4 Prayer from "How it Works"

      page 66 of the Big BookAlcoholics Anonymous

    2. Secondly, we pray for the person who has angered us, as described in the "Freedom from Bondage" story on page 552 of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous.

      Learn to replace resentment with peace of mind.

If you have a resentment you want to be free of,
if you will pray for the person or the thing that you resent,
you will be free.

If you will ask in prayer for everything you want for yourself to be given to them,
you will be free.

Ask for their health, their prosperity, and their happiness,
you will be free.

Even when you don't really want it for them, and your prayers are only words and you don't mean it, go ahead and do it anyway.

Do it every day for two weeks and you will find you have come to mean it and to want it for them, and you will realize that where you used to feel bitterness and resentment and hatred, you now feel compassionate understanding and love.

From an AA member's story, "Freedom from Bondage"
page 552 of the Big BookAlcoholics Anonymous

Completing Step 4 is extremely challenging for many individuals and if you’re very hesitant to get started or you just don’t feel motivated to do it, you’re not alone. The best way to overcome that is to just grab a piece of paper and a pen and get started, even if you don’t feel ready.


Tradition 4

Short Form:

Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a whole.

Long Form:

With respect to its own affairs, each A.A. group should be responsible to no other authority than its own conscience. But when its plans concern the welfare of neighboring groups also, those groups ought to be consulted. And no group, regional committee, or individual should ever take any action that might greatly affect A.A. as a whole without conferring with the Trustees of the General Service Board. On such issues our common welfare is paramount.

Concept 4:
At all responsible levels, we ought to maintain a traditional “Right of Participation,” allowing a voting representation in reasonable proportion to the responsibility that each must discharge.


___________________________________________________________________________________________     NOCCO-AA  Transaction Detail;   January 2023 through March  2023

Meeting  Contributions                                                                       March  $                     Total YTD  __________________________________________________________________________________________

AN    Brothers in Recovery, Sun. 7pm                                                                                           25.00

AN    Best Mtg OC Sat 7:30pm                                                                          20.00                     40.00

AN    How Free U Want 2 Be                                                                            94.10                      94.10

AN    It's In the Book  Sat. 8:30am                                                                   130.72                   211.09

AN    Mens Stag Thurs. 7pm                                                                                                          200.00

AN    Open Discussion Sun. 7:30am                                                                                                25.00

AN    There is a Solution Women, Thurs. 7pm                                                  50.00                      50.00

BP    Discussion Fri. 8pm                                                                                                              240.00

BP    Loonies Thurs. 6:30pm                                                                            60.00                      60.00

BP   Monday Nite, Mon 7:30pm                                                                        60.00                      60.00

BP   Participation Thurs. 7:45pm                                                                     20.00                      20.00

BR   12x12 Mon 5:30pm                                                                                   70.00                      70.00

BR   As Bill Sees It, Weds. 5:30pm                                                                    60.00                     60.00

BR   Solutions Daily 6am                                                                                                               243.47

BR   Women's Daily Reflections, Tues, 10:30                                                                                  40.00

BR   Women's AA Step, Sat. 10:30am                                                             162.00                     162.00

CM   2850 Men's Meeting Mon. 7pm                                                                                              400.00

CM   High Noon Participation Sunday                                                                 50.00                    50.00

CM   Wake & Skate                                                                                                                        340.00

DISTRICT 15                                                                                                    1,164.22           1,164.22

FUL   Sunday Alano Club Meeting                                                                                                     2.00

FUL   10th Step Women's Thursday                                                                                              100.00

FUL   Discussion Sunday 8pm                                                                           200.00                 480.00

FUL   Harley Men's 8pm Sunday                                                                                                    100.00

FUL   Leaf Water Men's Stag                                                                              60.00                     60.00

FUL   Men's Part (Mo's) Thurs. 8pm                                                                                              150.00

FUL   Men's Stag Thurs. 6pm                                                                             100.00                 100.00

FUL   Mo's Book Study, Tues. 6:30pm                                                                 100.00                 100.00

FUL   Morning Glories, Mon. 10:30am                                                                70.00                    70.00

FUL   Morning Misfits, Sat. 11:30am                                                                                              50.00

FUL   Sat. Nite Live 6pm                                                                                    50.00                    50.00

FUL   Women Living in the Solution, Mon. 6:30pm                                                                       143.47

FUL   Women's 1hr. Hit-n-Run Fri. 6:30pm                                                                                  155.12

FUL   Women's BB Thurs. 5:30pm                                                                      145.00                 145.00

GG    Chapter 7 Group Mon, 7pm                                                                                                   95.50

HB    Men's Cover to Cover, Sun                                                                         150.00               150.00


                                OFFICE DEPOSIT                                                                  30.00               113.00

                                Lien G.                                                                                 5.00                  15.00

                                Paul W.                                                                               10.00                  30.00

                                Robby P.                                                                             10.00                  10.00

                                Marla G.                                                                                                          3.00

                               Aaron W.                                                                                                          5.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Total Intergroup        176.00

LH    Beginners Basic, Fri. 8pm                                                                          27.60                 115.20

LH    Bowling Alley, Sunday. 10:30am                                                               105.00                 227.15

LH    Friday Nite Speaker 8pm                                                                          70.00                    70.00

LH    Men's Stag- #6080 Wed. 7pm                                                                                                44.25

LH    Topic Discussion Daily 6:15am                                                                                             200.00

LM    Men's BB Sun. 8pm                                                                                                                70.00

LM    Winner's Circle, Tues. 8pm                                                                       100.00                 100.00

LOSAL    Happy Hour 4pm Sun                                                                           50.00                     50.00

LOSAL    Saturday Nite Lite 6pm                                                                      300.00                   300.00

LOSAL    Surrender is Free Daily 7am                                                               124.20                  344.65

Monday Night Closed Women's Meeting #168836                                              78.60                     78.60

NOCCO   Board Meeting                                                                                     10.00                    10.00

OMD   Laguna Beach Canyon Club 8pm #168836                                               67.00                    67.00

OR    It's In the Boo, Sat. 8:30am                                                                     120.00                  320.00

OR    Step Study Group 12:00pm                                                                     100.00                   100.00

OR    777 Beginner's Men's Stag, Thurs 7:30pm                                                                            140.00

OR    Alkie's Only Men. Wed 7pm                                                                     219.75                  219.75

OR    All About Me Men's Stag, Thur. 7:30pm                                                                                300.00

OR    Attitude Adjustment, Sun. 8:30am                                                                                      370.00

OR   Book Study, Thurs 7pm                                                                           150.00                     150.00

OR    Hart Park Newcomer TU                                                                                                        40.00

OR    Men's Stag, Thurs 7pm                                                                                                        100.00

OR    RUSH Hour Monday 5:30pm                                                                     200.00                   200.00

OR    RUSH Hour Thurs. 5:30pm                                                                      100.00                  100.00

OR    RUSH Hour Tues.  5:30pm                                                                       225.00                   225.00

OR    TTT Meeting 6:30am                                                                                                           4 00.00

OR    TTT Meeting Weds. 6:30am                                                                                                 350.00

OR    We Got a Coffee Pot, Thurs. 7pm                                                                                          50.00

PL    Some Are Sicker Group # 702543                                                                                          86.40

PL    Women's SOS Meeting, Thurs. 7pm                                                                                      144.00

SB    Drunk Busters, Fri. 12pm                                                                                                       50.00

TUS    Living Sober, Tues                                                                                 158.00                   158.00

TUS    Morning Modification 6am                                                                       90.00                    90.00

VP    24 Hour Group Daily 7:30am                                                                                                 88.00

WHTR   The Den Book Study, Thurs. 8pm                                                       150.00                    350.00

WHTR   Women's Acceptance, Sat. 10:30am                                                                                 60.00

Woodglen Recovery                                                                                                                        9.80

YL   Attitude Modification Daily 6am                                                            420.00                    750.00

YL   BB Study, Wed. 8pm                                                                                23.00






YL  Daily Reflections, Fri. 12pm                                                                     105.00                    210.00

YL   Discussion (Liverpool) Mon 8pm                                                                                             80.00

YL   Friday Night Ohio Winners 8pm                                                                                             200.00

YL   Friday Night Liverpool 7:30pm                                                                                                 8.62

YL   Happy Hour BB  Fri, 5:30pm                                                                    20.00                        40.00

YL   It's in the Book, Sat. 8:30am                                                                                                  120.00

YL   New Start Daily 6am                                                                            347.00                   1,379.80

YL   Nooners BB Study M-12pm                                                                     63.70                         63.70

YL   Noontimers, Weds. 12pm                                                                     130.00                       330.00

YL   Participation, Thurs. 7:30pm                                                                                                300.00

YL   Right Start Sun. 8:30am                                                                                                        300.00

YL   Rule 62 Mens Stag, Mon. 7pm                                                               70.00                          70.00

YL   Savi Sunday                                                                                         500.00                      900.00

YL   Tammy's House                                                                                                                     115.00

YL   Women's Discussion, Tues. 7:30pm                                                                                      453.26

ZM    Coffee Talk, Weds. 2pm                                                                      126.00                      126.00

ZM    Women's Emotional Sobriety, Mon. 7pm                                                                               75.00

TOTAL MEETING CONTRIBUTIONS                                                           (MARCH 2023)              $ 6,792.89             

                                                                                                           Year to Date                $ 17,526.15

***If you do not see your meeting listed, ask your group treasurer if it is time to make a contribution.  Call Mike or Rebecca at Central Office for any and all inquiries and we will be glad to help you.



               You Are Appreciated

Thank you to the Amazing Women's Banquet committee for your generous contribution to North Orange County Central Office.  We received an $8,000 check from the 25th Annual Roaring 20s theme event staff on April 2, 2023. NOCCO will keep you posted on all the details and how you can attend and be of service for next year's Women's Banquet.  

We look forward to fellowshipping with you all.  

NOCCO By Laws - Full Document

NOCCO 2023 Service Board

Scott N - Chairman

Norma R. - Alt Chairman

Cheryle D. - Treasurer

Christy W. - Secretary

Tony B. - Outreach Chair

Emily M - Outreach

Paul W. - Events

Alicia B. - Events

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The NOCCO meeting database is now linked to the “Meeting Guide App”, a free of charge meeting finder for iOS and Android that provides meeting information in an easy-to-access format.  If you don't have the app, you can get it on Google Play or download from the App Store.

NOCCO Hotline - (714) 773-HELP (4357)

We are available 24/7.  All calls are confidential.  Phones answered by sober volunteers.

Neighborhood Notables

Click Here to Join the InterGroup Meeting

InterGroup Meeting - April 12 @ 7:30pm

Please join us at the next NOCCO InterGroup Meeting. InterGroup Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.                      ZOOM ID: 860 4109 6976 -  Password:  Serenity




Save the Date:   JUNE 10th 2023

              "OLD TIMERS" MEETING 

Location: Fullerton Free Church

Time: To be determined soon

Do you have something special to report for our monthly neighborhood notables?  Please email birthdays, celebrations, sober activities and other odds and ends to


Group Contributions 

To help support local essential services, the General Service Conference suggests that individual groups, through an informed group conscience, adopt a specific contribution plan.  Click below to see all of the Group Contributions from previous periods.

Click for Group Contribution Reports


Statement of Financial Position

Each month, NOCCO provides accounting detail of income and expenses to indicate net profit or loss over the last month.  This information is available to any group or member.  Click below to see the financial detail from last month.

Click for Profit and Loss Reports site is under construction.  Please Review the Anonymous Times for current financial position

We reached our goal, $777  but there is still time to bring your coins to NOCCO. 


Profit & Loss: March 2023

Ordinary Income/ Expense


       Faithful Fivers, Individuals and Group Contributions

                              TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS/DONATIONS    $7,723.14  

                              TOTAL FUNDRAISER/EVENTS                   $739.53


         Books AA/Non AA, literature, Chips, Other Items      $7,554.00

                               TOTAL INCOME                              $16.016.67

     Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

         Books AA/Non AA, literature, Chips, Other Items      $5,859.31

                               TOTAL GROSS PROFIT                     $10,157.36


       Salaries, Insurances, Rent, Accounting, Taxes, etc.    $11,527.49

                                NET INCOME                                   - $1,370.13

***Full Accrual Summary Posted at Central Office 


NOCCO is starting to participate in GroupRaise fundraisers. This is an easy way to observe supporting North Orange County Seventh Tradition Club.  

We will be given a 50% profit on all dozens of Krisy Kreme donuts you purchase for NOCCO.  Just follow this link to help out.

NOCCO Appreciates Your

7th Tradition Support

Even though meetings, 12-step services and operations have shifted to a hybrid environment, expenses continue as we navigate the re-opening of meetings, which underscores the importance of practicing the Seventh Tradition. We still stock literature, handle 12-step calls around the clock, and assist those with a desire to stop drinking. Your generous support is critical and appreciated.

Credit or Debit Card, Apple Pay and more
Venmo: @nocco-aa

Mail Checks To:

North Orange County Intergroup Association (NOCCO)

1661 E Chapman Avenue - Suite 1H

Fullerton, CA 92831


I am Responsible. 

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. 

For that, I am responsible.

Thanks to all contributors who support NOCCO.  

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