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January 2020

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Happy January 2020! 

As we enter the new Decade, many astrologers are sensing that this next few weeks are the most intense Planetary influences in our lifetime. This is all leading to a wonderful outcome, so let's continue doing our inner work while holding to the highest frequency.
When we go within, there is wonderful energetic support waiting for us. 
Very best wishes for 2020 and beyond! 

Pete's Pick!

Each month, Peter highlights one of the interviews he'd hosted on his Voice America radio show "Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation" from 2009-2014. Each episode features a leading expert on spiritual topics relating to the great awakening we are all experiencing right now! More valid than ever, these shows are worth listening to once again - from this new vantage point of Earth, 2019.

This Month:

Sacred Mystical Journeys of the Sacred Feminine with Finbarr Ross

Finbarr Ross will discuss the second coming of the Christ within, Christ Consciousness and the great significance of the Sacred Feminine at this time. We will journey to mysterious France to experience a land rich in tradition. We will absorb the energies of this ancient European culture and its Celtic roots, where later Christian, Gnostic, Jewish, and Muslim traditions recognized the 'Sacred Feminine Ethos' with equal enthusiasm. Although our journey is within the 21st Century, we will discover the threads of universal consciousness that predated Christianity still alive today. We will discuss many wonderful power sites held sacred by those who have sought the Holy Grail and the presence of Mary Magdalene.


What's New! 


Zia and I are co-hosting a TV Show called "From Shambles To Shambala" on a new network called AWAKE TV. It airs live at Noon (Pacific) for one hour every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks, and it's free to watch live or up to 12 hours after airing!  

We are setting the new foundation for what is to come in January, 2020, and beyond. Our show provides insights and tools to help navigate through these shifting times while staying deeply connected to Mother Gaia.

The Awake TV Network is dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet by live-streaming high-frequency programming 24-7!

Upcoming Shows 

We are delighted to have Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys, join us on Wednesday, January 8th and he is inviting you to ask questions about any aspect of the entire Gene Key Transmission. A wonderful opportunity. Simply send an e-mail to to submit your questions.

The following week, January 15th, we have  Steve Farrell joining us, who is the President & Worldwide Executive Director for Humanity's Team, a global grassroots spiritual movement focused on awakening and embodying Oneness so humanity may enjoy a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness.


Retreats and Gatherings

Gene Keys Epiphany Celebration - January 5th, 1 to 4 pm. Everyone interested in the Gene Keys and/or Epiphanies is most welcome!

An afternoon of Gene Keys transmission, Ceremony, and Epiphany Celebration at the Beautiful Anam Cara Yurt in Metchosin. We'll be focusing on the origin of traditional Epiphany, the Epiphany of the Gene Keys, and how Epiphany reveals itself within our own lives 
Gene Keys Epiphany Experience
Zia and I will be guiding an Epiphany Experience Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, north of Vancouver on the Vernal Equinox weekend of March 20-22nd. More details to follow next month!  
If you are interested in either of these events, please send an e-mail to

Radio Shows

I will be making my second appearance on Wisdom of the Ancients with Ian Shelley on Wednesday, January 29th at 2 pm PST. Last year this proved to be a highly successful show and connection for me. You can sign up for free here.

Gene Keys Consulting with Peter

I'm  committed to continuing my work with one-on-one Gene Key sessions, which have proven to be profound experiences for many. I also work with groups or businesses who are starting out on a new venture. I look at the profile of each team member, the birth profile of the company/project, and how those involved can best work together while bringing their individual gifts to the fore in a wonderful co-creative fashion. 

This process has fantastic potential for maximizing efficiency and success. Projects often fail because of the challenges that arise through human ego and shadow, and this process can reveal what those potential challenges could be before they arise. This process can also be used to resolve issues that may already exist within an organization.


Click here for your FREE Gene Keys Profile

Sign up for the 

Gene Keys Golden Path Program

If you're interested in a personal Gene Keys session or a group profile reading, please send me an email at   


The Tipping Point!

I believe at some time in the future, we will look back on this first month of the new decade as being the turning point in our everyday lives. We have been prepared for this time period over aeons of life-times and now it is upon us. Many lightworkers are tired and worn out from the work they have been doing to maintain the light through these challenging times. I urge them to hang on just a while longer as we are almost there, beyond the struggle and negativity.

The planetary line ups have been remarkable in aiding us in this process and the more we can align with them and Mother Earth herself, the smoother this transition is going to be, so let me re-cap some of these Celestial Events, while also projecting a short distance into the future.


Last month I wrote about the November 11th Portal as a Choice Point, standing between the 11:11 pillars, deciding whether to step forward into the unknown 5th Dimensional frequencies or retreating into the safety of the comfort zone of the known 3-D realm. This now feels like the masculine decision and action gateway. Stepping back to safety is an illusion because the old-world systems that we know are crumbling and dissolving away and some of you may have had difficult experiences since then if you took the route of safety. Our Souls are pushing us in the direction we are meant to go, to fulfill our Divine Destiny.

December 12th was a recurring 12:12:12 Portal amplifying the 12:12:12 of 2012 as 2019 adds up to 12! Similarly, December 21st was an amplified energy associated with that all so important December 21st, 2012 date. There were great expectations around that date, but just consider what has happened in your life over this 7-year period. Immense change and awakening awareness have taken place and now we are ready for the next 7-year phase into 2027. December 12th is the day that Our Lady of Guadalupe is honoured as she appeared as a Marian Apparition of Mother Mary 500 years ago to bring healing to individuals and the country of Mexico. Clearly this was the free-flowing feminine gateway of receptive intuition, following your truth!


That led into the Winter Solstice on the evening of December 21st here in the Pacific North-West, the still point when the Sun reaches its most southerly point, and shortest day in the northern hemisphere. The Sun stands till for three days before it begins its track north and the return of the light. The re-birth of the Sun. This still-point allows us to cut through to the Source of all that is- a moment of time, honoured in many different ways by the ancient Indigenous peoples- always creating structures to align Father Sun with Mother Earth, illuminating the womb of the Mother in the moment of the Sun rise.

We had a wonderful Winter Solstice Ceremony at Harry’s Ravens Ridge in the Highlands with over 30 people in attendance on Sunday December 22nd on the rebirth of the Sun, including a fire ceremony, discussion and sharing around the Solstice energies, followed by some scrumptious snacks and energized banter. The energies were high, and it was great to be outside communing with Mother Earth on such a powerful day.


Remarkably this year the birth of the other Son, Christ, on Christmas Day, coincided with the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees of Capricorn. The last New Moon of the decade providing us with the opportunity to set our intentions for the year 2020 and for the decade to come, having completed the last ten-year cycle. The number 4 is the builder, the four walls, creating a new foundation, a solid platform to launch ourselves into the next decade without knowing the ground rules, creating as we go!

The first two weeks of the new decade promise to be full of surprises with lots of ups and downs as we move into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10th immediately followed by the precise Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that has been the focus of much speculation. In fact, there is a gathering of Planets (Stellium) in Capricorn at that time including Saturn, Pluto, The Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and the South Node of the Moon. The interpretation of this is that Saturn and Pluto come together whenever there is an imbalance of power in the World. They come together to restore balance. This time the Sun is illuminating the pair and Jupiter is expanding the energy, in Capricorn, which is about the old structures and systems, maintaining the status quo, which will not be allowed to happen under these conditions. We have already seen the breaking open of secrecy and corruption in high places and more is going to be revealed.


This is about restoring the balance of the female and male energies which have been out of balance for over 2,000 years. The feminine principle stepping up into her full power, being fully supported by the new masculine principle. It will take some time to fully embody, but this is the turning point as the old Patriarchal energies fade away being replaced by something much more loving and kind!

A new template is being created. As we continue to do our inner work and raise our frequency, so others will do the same and our soul families will start coming together building bridges and connections. It has already started, and it will continue with more and more people awakening and the children and Millennials are here to awaken and play their roles too. Its is very exciting! Take heart and know that you are in the right and perfect place to witness and co-create the New World. We are so blessed to be here at this so sacred time. Enjoy the moment!  


This month's photos courtesy of Zia 

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