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Happy November! 

This may seem an odd time to begin something new, but as you see we have a new look for the Newsletter which coincides perfectly with the launch of Awake TV and our new show "From Shambles to Shambala." A new start and a new Brand. Hope you like it! This is the season of  Samhain, time to go within as the days get shorter and darker. Time to do our inner work, shining our bright inner light out into the World!  

Pete's Pick!

Each month, I highlight one of the interviews I'd hosted on my Voice America radio show "Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation" from 2009-2014. Each episode features a leading expert on spiritual topics relating to the great awakening we are all experiencing right now! More valid than ever, these shows are worth listening to once again - from this new vantage point of Earth, 2019.

The Magic Doorway into the Divine with Devrah Laval

Vancouver-based Devrah Laval is author of The Magic Doorway into the Divine. This book is the quintessential guide for anyone with the courage and the heart to embark on the journey to higher consciousness. As we are being pulled in a certain direction by our souls and shedding our former traditional identity, people are finding themselves in a scary, lonely place, not knowing where thy fit any more. 

Devrah will offer insight, understanding and practical tools to help us through this place of chaos and confusion and out the other side into a new world of hope, love and serenity.


What's New! 


Zia and I will be co-hosting a TV Show called "From Shambles To Shambala" on a brand new network called AWAKE TV. It will air live at Noon (Pacific) for one hour every Wednesday over twelve weeks, beginning on Wednesday November 13th. November is a critical month in our preparation for what is to come in January and our show will provide the insights and tools to navigate through these tumultuous times. 

The opening of Awake TV itself will take place on Monday, November 11th. More details can be found at the end of this newsletter.


Gene Keys Consulting with Peter

I'm  committed to continuing my work with one-on-one Gene Key sessions, which have proven to be profound experiences for many. I also work with groups or businesses who are starting out on a new venture. I look at the profile of each team member, the birth profile of the company/project, and how those involved can best work together while bringing their individual gifts to the fore in a wonderful co-creative fashion. 

This process has fantastic potential for maximizing efficiency and success. Projects often fail because of  the challenges that arise through human ego and shadow, and this process can reveal what those potential challenges could be before they arise. This process can also be used to resolve issues that may already exist within an organization.


Click here for your FREE Gene Keys Profile

Sign up for the 

Gene Keys Golden Path Program

If you're interested in a personal Gene Keys session or a group profile reading, please send me an email at   

Radio Shows

I will be returning to the Cari Murphy Show on Tuesday November 12th at 11.00am PST, on the Full Moon in Taurus just after the Mercury Transit across the Sun. It should be an interesting discussion. She is a great host and I hope you will join us. Here is the link to sign up free for the series of shows.



Zia and I had a very warm welcome on our arrival in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, where we were facilitating the Epiphany Experience. The retreat straddles  three days, inviting those involved to take a deep dive into just one Gene Key. We begin with a meditation that allows for a Gene Key to "choose" us - whether it's in our personal profile or not, it's often the one that's calling the loudest for us to resolve something deep inside.

We begin working with the shadow of that Gene Key in deep contemplation to really connect with the Shadow and see how it's holding us back in our lives. Then we go straight to the Siddhi, the highest imaginable Divine essence of that Gene Key, and we "wrap it around us like a shawl"!


Towards the end of this part, Zia guides us in working with "spirit arrows" - sticks we decorate to represent the Shadow we've been working with on one end, and the Siddhi on the other. She leads a Fire Ceremony to burn these arrows and release the Gift as the fire consumes them. Through this process we can tangibly feel the tension between Shadow and Siddhi in the "arrow" and literally experience the trans-mutative effect as the arrows are burned. 

The final day involved working with that Gift frequency of our Gene Key and then integrating the whole together through a process called "digestion." This culminated in the building of a Despacho prayer bundle, incorporating our blessings through three layers - seeds representing the shadows, fruits the siddhis, and flowers the gifts. This bundle was then used to offer a luminous wash to the participants first, and then was offered to Mother Earth for her digestion by being planted in the ground in a wonderful final celebration.


Zia and I were really impressed by the quality of preparation that the participants had put in doing their own inner work over the weeks leading up to the event and the dedication that was shown over the course of the Retreat. We are indebted to Laurie and Christine who so graciously hosted us in their homes and did the organizing of the event. A total success and many have made huge strides since the Gene Keys were first introduced there. We are very much looking forward to our next visit. 


 I then continued on to a small Lobster Fishing village in Friendship, Maine, where a wonderful couple are planning “Camp Friendship” where the vision is to create a Center for Experiential Learning and Advancement in a beautiful maritime environment. Their motto is “Small Footprint, Big Impact” turning what has been an online teaching into a practical brick and mortar outcome, including the building of Tiny Houses! I was there to help ground the energies through their Gene Keys and connect with the energies of the land itself.

The next leg of the trip took me back to Charlie and Stella and their beautiful Butterfly Farm and Sanctuary in North Carolina where we hosted a one-day Workshop on the Pathways between the Spheres in the Golden Path. 


This included a section from the 64 Names of Love (the 64 Siddhis), which Richard Rudd first shared in Victoria in 2017. This was another wonderful group dedicated to the Gene Key transmission!

We had the opportunity the next day to drive through a section of the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway and enjoy the magnificent fall colours from up high, and a couple of beautiful surging waterfalls after an overnight downpour. 

My final opportunity, thanks to Shelli, one of the Millennials, was an overnight stay in downtown Charlotte before flying home. A modern upbeat financial centre with huge sky-scraping buildings. The journey had provided me with a rich array of different environments to experience and explore!

While with Charlie and Stella, Stella  was excited at the discovery of a talented evolutionary astrologer and we watched his lecture together on the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020. 


He confirmed much of what we already know with a lot more detail and context. Since then it has become clear to us that we are in hugely important times of preparation now for this event in January. There is a very powerful Scorpio influence as we move through the first few days of November inviting us to dig as deep as we can into our own unresolved shadow. It is the perfect time!

We want to be clear then by Monday November 11th- the 11:11- always a powerful portal gateway on Remembrance Day where there is a World-Wide focus on Peace. This year there is extra intensity as on that day we also experience the rare event of a Mercury Transit across the face of the Sun with Mercury in retrograde motion passing between the Earth and the Sun. It will reach the midpoint of the Sun at around sunrise on the west coast and appear as a tiny black dot moving across the face of the Sun.

Please take the necessary precautions if you choose to watch/experience the transit. Energetically it is about taking back your power and being aware and awake to important information being downloaded through you from source! To add to the mix, we have a Full Moon in Taurus on the very next day, grounding the energies into Mother Earth herself. Our opportunity to fully honour her for all that she provides for us. It is time for us to Master our Energy!


One of the things you can do has been brought to us via Christine of Humanity’s Team.

Breathing Consciously for 11 minutes at 11 am on November 11th. If folks are unable to breathe consciously at 11 am please request they breathe consciously for 11 minutes whenever they are able on November 11th. This is an excellent opportunity to Unite in Oneness. Also, has several breathing rooms and you can see who you are breathing with from around the world.

Amazingly the opening of our new Awake TV network is now launching on the 11:11! Our first show will be on Wednesday November 13th at Noon, PST. It is a subscription-based network, just like Netflix, and will cost $9.99 USD/month, but the first 25 subscribers through our promo code AWAKE019 will get 50% off the first month. Subscriptions will be available just prior to 11/11, so the best idea would be to sign up on November 10th in order to get the full benefit of the first month. We'll be sending out more details as the date approaches... Stay tuned! For now, feel free to join the Awake TV Network Facebook Page for updates and samples of upcoming shows. 


This month's photos courtesy of Karen, Charlie, Peter, and Zia 

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