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The upcoming Winter Solstice promises to be one of the most important energetic opportunities of our most recent history. It signals the re-birth of the Sun, and this year the entry into a new Golden Age of Peace and Goodwill. Time to journey within and shine our inner light out into the World!

From Shambles to Shambala

As we moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius last week, it was time for a little light-hearted fun, celebrating International Children's Day, the Bounteousness of the 14th Gene Key, and the adventures of King Arthur - all with our special guests, The Saints of British Rock!


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Here's a replay of my latest interview with Patty Malek on Soul Talk Radio: "Elect Freedom!" The show aired on the 11:11 portal and we talked about the US election and the powerful alignments ushering us into 2021. 
I also just had a wonderful radio show with Cari Murphy on Friday, November 27th, discussing the lead-in to the month of Sagittarius and the powerful Winter Solstice alignment to come. Here is the replay.

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This process has fantastic potential for maximizing efficiency and success. Projects often fail because of the challenges that arise through human ego and shadow, and this process can reveal what those potential challenges could be before they arise. This process can also be used to resolve issues that may already exist within an organization.


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The Shift of the Ages!
by Peter Tongue

I have decided to focus this article on the upcoming energies of the next few weeks as I believe this is a crucially significant time. Not wishing to over- complicate things, but to create as clear and overall view as possible.

The energy of the year was set up immediately after the Eclipse season back in January, 2020, with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction on January 12th. The evolutionary astrologers were excited by this, as they saw it as the beginning of the end of the old Patriarchal structures. Little did we know then that the covid virus was going to play such an important role.


During the year, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn all went into retrograde motion at different times, so they kept dancing over each other. This was happening predominantly in the 61st Gene Key, the shadow of which is Psychosis. We have been inundated with information throughout this time, some of which has been false, some exaggerated, some fear-based, and some true. Our role in this was to go within and come to our own inner knowing, our own inner truth.

Saturn in Capricorn represents the old structures. Pluto is the transformer and Jupiter is the expander into the new, having revealed what needed to be cleared and dismantled. Mid-year, Mars moved into its own sign of Aries, the warrior energy. It is normally there for just six weeks, but this year it turned retrograde at 28 degrees and went all the way back to mid-Aries. During this time, it came into conjunction with both Eris and Lilith, the female warrior energies, in a square alignment with those three planets in Capricorn. The warrior energies taking on the old, outdated systems.


The second eclipse season happened in the summer with three eclipses, the last one being on July 4th, American Independence Day. This coincided with the annual illumination of the 53rd Gene Key, which Richard Rudd would say is the beginning of a new epoch. America is in its Pluto return of its Foundation, an approximately 250-year cycle. As we can easily see, this is a profoundly important time for the nation with more important alignments to come!

The move into Sagittarius on Saturday, November 21st triggered an immense energetic opening for the entire month of the sign, and will culminate on the Winter Solstice on December 21st. During that first week of Sagittarius, we were in the 34th Gene Key. With its programming partner of the 20th Gene Key, it creates a gateway called the Sleeping Phoenix. The Phoenix has stirred with fire in its belly and many traditions believe that the return of the Mythic Christ Conscious beings will rise at this time, including the Christ Consciousness within us!


November closed on the 30th with the Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini in the 16th Gene Key, the Siddhi of which is inner mastery. This was the final opportunity for us to let go of any attachment we have to the old 3-D consciousness. Any old habits that keep us tied to the mundane World. We are still living on the planet, but she is going through this transformation as well. We want to align with the highest frequency that we can, especially during these first few days of December, while staying deeply grounded with her.

The big week opens on December 14th when we have a Total Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. During the eclipse, the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun and completely blots out the Sun. This is an opportunity for a total re-set of the energies coming through the Sun into the Earth. As a New Moon it is the perfect opportunity to set new intentions for the New Earth to come, without limitations or restrictions for yourself personally or for the collective on the Planet. This takes place in the 11th Gene Key, the gift of which is Idealism, working with the Siddhi of Light and our highest Spiritual goal!


During the week following, both Saturn and Jupiter move out of Capricorn into Aquarius, setting up the Great Conjunction to come on the Winter Solstice, when Saturn and Jupiter come to within 0.1 of a degree of each other in an absolutely precise conjunction at zero degrees of Aquarius. This conjunction happens every 20 years. For the last 200 years, it has only happened in the Earth signs. Now it will be in the Air signs for the next 200 years. It is rather like the mulching out of the heavy Earth energies and the shadows within our physical bodies, so we can now fly free out into the air. The Great Conjunction is occurring in the 60th Gene Key, the Siddhi of which is Divine Justice, and so I don’t think we have to be concerned about how all of this is going to play out in a wonderful way.

Wonderfully this conjunction will be visible to the naked eye early after sundown in the southern skies. In fact, Saturn and Jupiter have been visibly getting closer and closer to each other over the last couple of months. On December 16th , the Moon will join them in a really tight cluster right at the end of Capricorn. On December 18th, the Earth is directly aligned with the Galactic Centre when we receive this annual magnificent downpour of Galactic energy to add to the mix.


In addition, the Winter Solstice is in the most positive 120-degree trine aspect to the Pleiades constellation. Many Indigenous peoples believe that they originate from the Pleiades and are here to assist us through this transformation. There is a major Ceremony planned by the Australian Aboriginals at Uluru, Ayres Rock, to coincide with the Solstice and Great Conjunction, to reconnect Father Sky to Mother Earth, Heaven and Earth reunited!

I personally believe this moment is an opportunity to step through into the Aquarian Age of Freedom and the opportunity to bring the fifth dimensional frequencies into physical form. It may take some time and there is another powerful event taking place on the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th, when seven planets will all be within one 31 degree cluster and the New Moon will be back in the 61st Gene Key - exactly one year after all this began!

I am really excited about the next month and I sincerely hope you will be able to benefit from these energies yourself for the great good of all.

Many Blessings for the Holiday Season and Beyond! 


This month's photos courtesy of Zia

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