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March 2020

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Happy March! 

This month kicks off with the celebration of St. David's Day, the Red Dragon of Wales, the Daffodil and the emergence of spring flowers and cherry blossoms, all the vibrant colors returning to our beautiful landscape.
That is followed by the second Holy Day of the month, the Emerald Green of St. Patrick on March 17th, when the fairies, elves, and leprechauns come out to play - you may even see one out and about!
Finally, we have the Spring Equinox on March 19th/20th which is calling us out of our caves to come and be out in nature in the warming spring weather.
Have fun!
Much love, 

Pete's Pick!

As we enter 2020, a new decade and a new energy, we thought it would good to shift the energy to the present and focus our attention on the most recent interviews that we have done, including those from Awake TV and some future presentations yet to be created!

This Month:

On our Awake TV show, Zia and I were honoured to host Richard Rudd where he spoke in detail about the Gene Keys, how the transmission came about, and also gave us some updated information. We had a delightful time together! In the interview, he spoke about the significance of his book, The Art of Contemplation. Unfortunately, it is not currently available through Amazon, but we do have some of the paperback copies which can be sent off to you. If you would like a copy(copies) send an e-mail to


Retreats and Gatherings

Gene Keys Epiphany Experience - To be Changed!
Unfortunately we have had insufficient interest in the Epiphany Experience on the Sunshine Coast and so we are willing to facilitate the Retreat in Victoria if there is enough interest. If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to The Retreat would begin at 6pm on Friday March 27th, all day Saturday, and until 4pm on Sunday March 29th. Accommodation or food is not provided, but there will be a shared pot luck on Saturday evening. The cost will be $300 approximately depending on the venue we can use.  

Radio Shows

I always have a fun and stimulating interview with Cari Murphy and I will be returning to her show, Straight Talk For The SOUL, after the Spring Equinox to discuss the latest developments in the World and how to work with the Gene Keys to help us navigate through these challenging times. Sign up for free here.    

My interview will be at 11am pacific on Friday March 27th 

Gene Keys Consulting with Peter

I'm  committed to continuing my work with one-on-one Gene Key sessions, which have proven to be profound experiences for many. I also work with groups or businesses who are starting out on a new venture. I look at the profile of each team member, the birth profile of the company/project, and how those involved can best work together while bringing their individual gifts to the fore in a wonderful co-creative fashion. 

This process has fantastic potential for maximizing efficiency and success. Projects often fail because of the challenges that arise through human ego and shadow, and this process can reveal what those potential challenges could be before they arise. This process can also be used to resolve issues that may already exist within an organization.


Click here for your FREE Gene Keys Profile

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Gene Keys Golden Path Program

If you're interested in a personal Gene Keys session or a group profile reading, please send me an email at   


Golden Aurora!

Over the last few years, I have been intrigued by the period in mid-February when the Pisces and Aquarius energy come together in an incredible tension. This year it was February 19th when the Sun moved out of Aquarius and into Pisces. At the same time, we move backwards through the Great 2000-year Ages currently upon us as we shift out of the Age of Pisces and into the Aquarian Age. Its like two ships passing in the night or like the two Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions. There is this moment of tension between the two! It is uncertain exactly when the 2,000-year Aquarian Age begins and it's more likely to be a period of time, although some evolutionary Astrologers see the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on the Winter Solstice December 21st, 2020 as a potential entry point!

To further enhance the tension this year, Mercury turned retrograde in Pisces moving back towards Aquarius just a few days before February 19th. How can we best use these planetary alignments to our advantage? My own view is that Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is inviting us all to look back through our current life, ancestral lineage, and even our own incarnational lineage to see where we have been the victim of circumstance and to forgive everything that has taken place including people, events and any injustice we have experienced.


The shift out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius requires us to set ourselves free from any victimhood into personal freedom which is an inner quality, independent of what is happening out in the World. Mercury will go all the way back into 28 degrees of Aquarius before turning direct, clearing out these old scars and wounds for all time to set us free! Once moving forward again we can dream our greatest dream as Mercury now moves forward through Pisces after we have all dropped off our baggage. This movement forward coincides with the Super Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th/10th under extremely positive aspects!

For those involved in the Gene Keys, the 55th Gene Key is about the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and yet it begins as the Sun enters Pisces, immediately followed by the 37th Gene Key which is about the end of the Age of Pisces. There is some great synchronistic play taking place here. The only place where Richard Rudd makes any prophetic statements about our future is in the Siddhi of the 55th Gene Key in his book of the same name, which is therefore worth reading if you haven’t done so. 


In our work, we are always paying attention to recurring themes, recognizing them as opportunities to focus our attention. In this case it was the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, a magnificent light phenomenon! In a recent Amanda Ellis channel she worked with Ashtar of the Galactic Command Centre and in it a discussion took place around these Northern Lights where we were being asked to expand our awareness beyond planet Earth and connect to the Galactic energies that are being made available to us now. A wake-up call to remember our Galactic heritage and activate dormant light codes. She also eluded to new qualities of light that she has been witnessing, particularly through the appearance of new colour frequencies and rainbows. Here is the link to the you-tube video and she talks about the light phenomenon between minutes 12 and 18.

Within a very short time, information called "The Rainbow Bridge Around the Earth" emerged, inviting us to join in a Global Synchronization of the Rainbow Bridge every week on the heart Chakra days of the Galactic Calendar, every Friday. This Rainbow Bridge bridge is formed by the Aurora Borealis of the north pole and Aurora Australis of the south pole. This information also included a powerful meditation with us inside the Earth’s Octahedral crystal core blazing white light in a vertical column extending up and down to the two poles, creating a steady and constant rainbow bridge within which the Earth spins on its axis creating a protective wave of love,  peace and protection. Here is the link:


If you haven’t seen any images of the Northern Lights, I suggest going to this link. You'll be amazed at these incredible curtains of light which flow like living conscious beings of magnificent colour, only visible in extreme northerly or southerly areas most of the time.

A brief pause for a Chemistry lesson here. The process begins with ejections from the Sun, often called Solar Winds. These highly charged winds contain mainly electrons which collide with Oxygen and Nitrogen molecules in the upper atmosphere which absorb the electrons taking them into higher so-called excited states. When they lose energy returning to their more stable ground-state they give off this extraordinary light phenomenon; greens, reds, blues, purples, even white light according to which molecules and atoms are involved. If we were able to look down on the North and South Pole from a satellite, we would see a constant Golden Crown of the Aurora around both poles. The crowning Glory!

A more poetic explanation would be The Solar Wind Before the Dawn, as the phenomenon is often seen around 5 am in the winter months. We are being invited to tune in and connect with these Galactic Energies coming into our awareness more and more strongly!


Finally, as many have been asking me what my thoughts are regarding the Corona Virus recently, I felt I should mention it here. There is much speculation and conspiracy theory around it, but the most important aspect of it is for us to stay out of fear and hold to the highest frequency that we can. Being sensible and cautious without panicking. It has been clear for some time that major change is upon us and this is a part of it. We know there is a wonderful World just around the corner. We can feel it is right on the edge. The only possible thing that can prevent the Golden Age from manifesting is dropping into fear and panic. Hold to your highest truth and continue to do your inner work through these trying times with deep compassion in your heart. Tap into your infinite inner resources and realize that you are far more powerful than you will ever know.  


This month's photos courtesy of Zia & Peter 

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