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I thought you might be interested in reviewing OMEGA DIATRIBE's album "Deviant".

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You can download the album HERE

In a relentless pursuit of sonic excellence, Omega Diatribe, the multi-award-winning Hungarian Extreme Groove Metal powerhouse, proudly presents their critically acclaimed 5th studio album, "Deviant." With a musical journey that began in 2013, Omega Diatribe has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre, earning them a devoted fanbase worldwide.

 A Decade of Sonic Mayhem:

Since their explosive debut in 2013 with 'Iapetus,' Omega Diatribe has been an unrelenting force in the metal scene. The subsequent albums 'Abstract Ritual' and 'Trinity' solidified their position, showcasing the band's evolution. Noteworthy collaborations with Kevin Talley and producer Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Suicide Silence, The Haunted, etc.) further propelled Omega Diatribe into the international spotlight.

Metanoia - A Turning Point:

The band's fourth album, 'Metanoia,' released in 2020 under the expert hands of producer Jens Bogren, marked a turning point. This Swede maestro's touch brought forth Omega Diatribe's strongest material to date, setting the stage for the impending release of "Deviant."

About "Deviant":

"Deviant," the fifth chapter in the Omega Diatribe saga, is out now under the banner of Hungarian label Records. Co-produced and mixed/mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios, Denmark, this album is an 8-panel DIGIPAK CD and two Vinyl editions of pure sonic rebellion. The tracks include revamped classics like "Molecular Torsion" and new hits like "My Sphere," "Mindreader," and "Stench Of Demise."

Three Explosive Singles:
Dive into the musical abyss with three electrifying singles extracted from "Deviant":

Stench of Demise                Mindreader                      My Sphere


Streaming and Purchase Options:

"Deviant" is available for streaming on Spotify.

Physical copies of the album, both CD and Vinyl, can be purchased via Records


01. Stench Of Demise
02. Mindreader
03. Deviant
04. My Sphere
05. Reflections
06. Indoctrinated (feat. Sean Zatorsky)
07. False Prophecy
08. Seclusion
09. Molecular Torsion

Omega Diatribe is:
Gergo Hajer - guitar, vocal
Akos Szathmary - bass
Milan Lucsanyi - vocal
Adolf Grof - drums
Janos Kelemen - guitar

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