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Hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania, rock metal rising stars A Thousand Reasons (ATR), have inked a record deal with Wormholedeath. Their self-titled debut album, a powerful mix of hard rock, post-grunge, emo, and metal, is set to detonate on July 19, 2024!

ATR's music is more than just headbanging anthems. It's a raw and relatable exploration of mental health battles. Joseph Drenning shares, "I am excited and optimistic about the opportunities ahead as we work and grow together. I hope we can continue learning and growing as musicians while developing our signature sound and making music our primary career. I'd like for people around the world to relate to the lyrics and know they aren't alone."
Echoing Joseph's sentiments, Nathan Baker expressed his gratitude, stating, "I feel excited and honored to have our talents recognized, and I feel hopeful that this shows our music to people all around the world."

The band conceptualized all songs before recording. With almost a year of hard work and collaboration across two different studios, each band member's input played a role in elevating the album to its final version.
From battling depression and anxiety to overcoming addiction, ATR transforms their struggles into anthems of resilience.
Imagine a sonic landscape where Breaking Benjamin jams with Linkin Park, while My Chemical Romance throws a mosh pit with Seether. That's the electrifying world of A Thousand Reasons. Prepare for face-melting riffs, soaring choruses ("Obsession," "Darkness"), and moments of tender vulnerability ("Listening," "Hypnotizing").

ATR's journey began in 2021 as a solo outlet for Joseph Drenning. In 2022, the band morphed into a powerhouse quartet with the addition of guitarist/vocalist Nathan Baker, bassist Zach Anuszewskiand, and drummer Jeff Klein. Get ready to experience their live show evolution as they hit the stage with their new bassist, Mark Ferraro!

Connect with A Thousand Reasons:

Dive into the depths of ATR's sound with the lyric video for "Memory":


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)

"A Thousand Reasons" cover & tracklist:


1. Prophets
2. Darkness
3. Fire
4. Tyrants
5. Listening
6. Alive
7. Eclipse
8. Memory
9. Obsession
10. Sad/Sick
11. Hypnotizing



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