US Modern Rock Sensation Bastion Rose Presents Fever (Official Music Video)

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Presents 'Fever' (Official Music Video)

"Fever," the powerful new single from Bastion Rose's "Fade To Blue" EP (Epictronic), is a heavy track that exudes raw energy and an unapologetic attitude. Produced by David Bottrill, it's riff-oriented and full of aggression, reflecting the band's commitment to doing things their own way. Filmed and edited by Emelie Flower of Bloomington, Indiana, the accompanying music video captures the essence of the song, showcasing its sonic similarities to Audioslave, Soundgarden, and Black Sabbath, along with a bluesy southern swagger.

"I wrote it at a time when I was just fed up. Fed up with being held back. Fed up with others and fed up with myself. Fed up with being weak and afraid. The song was my way of saying 'F*** it. I'm going to do this thing how I want to do it and I really do not care what anyone else thinks.'"- Austin Frink

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Bastion Rose's story is nothing short of extraordinary, a testament to the resilience and creative fire that fuels their music. In just two years, frontman Austin Frink has transformed from a musician battling the uncertainty of ever regaining his singing voice after a life-altering surgery into the driving force behind Bastion Rose. The band's name itself embodies the transient nature of existence and the significance of cherishing every moment. Their debut EP, "Fade To Blue," is a testament to their unwavering spirit and artistic passion.

Produced by the three-time Grammy award-winning maestro, David Bottrill (known for his work with Tool, Rush, Godsmack, Mastodon, Muse, Coheed and Cambria) and mastered by the skilled engineer Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Dream Theater, Meat Loaf, Eric Gales), "Fade To Blue" stands as an unfiltered outpouring of raw emotion and unapologetic rock energy. It artfully blends ethereal soundscapes with powerful guitar riffs, all anchored by Bastion Rose's unique fusion of soulful vocals, intricate guitar craftsmanship, and a dynamic rhythm section. Their ensemble, featuring John Donlon on drums, Steve Pierce on bass guitar, Barrett Abraham on keyboards, and Austin Mudd on guitar, brings together a symphony of talents that define Bastion Rose's electrifying sound.

Inspired by a diverse range of musical legends, from timeless classics like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to contemporary giants like Tool and Foo Fighters, Bastion Rose crafts anthems that resonate with rock enthusiasts worldwide.


Austin Frink
Steve Pierce
John Donlon
Barrett Abraham
Austin Mudd

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