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"Way of the Warrior"
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Dear media partners,

I thought you might be interested in reviewing Impact Approved's album "Way of the Warrior".

Following the critical acclaim of their 2021 debut, Into the Fray, Impact Approved wasted no time forging a new sonic path. Witnessing the electrifying response to live tracks "The Truth" and "Atelophobia," the band honed their sound, pushing the boundaries of melodic death metal with djent and deathcore influences.

The creative fire burned bright within the band. Guitarist and drummer Uwe spearheaded the initial songwriting, crafting roughly 90% of the music. Bassist Maurice then joined the fray, adding his signature touch with basslines and atmospheric flourishes. Songs like "Isolation" showcase this collaborative spirit, where final touches and structural changes elevate the music to new heights.

The meticulously crafted foundation received its final layer with vocalist Phil's impassioned delivery. Each track on Way of the Warrior boasts a distinct personality, a testament to the band's diverse influences and relentless experimentation.

True to their artistic vision, Impact Approved maintains a thematic connection to their debut. The iconic Spartan warrior, a symbol of resilience and strength, graces the cover of Way of the Warrior, embodying the album's spirit.

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You can stream the album here and download it here

The album's digital release date is June 14th, 2024.

"The Truth" feat. Lewis of April in Flames:


"Way of the Warrior" cover and tracklist:


1. Way Of The Warrior
2. Isolation
3. Liberty
4. Atelophobia
5. The Truth feat. Lewis from April in flames
6. Deficiency
7. Sword And Shield
8. Harakiri For Ivory Tower
9. Ventus Et Ignis
10. Pigslaughter
11. Grace Under Pressure


Born in 2019, Impact Approved quickly carved their niche in the melodic death metal scene. Philipp (vocals) and Uwe (guitars, drums) laid the groundwork, joined by Maurice (bass) in 2020 and Armin (guitar) shortly after. After the critically acclaimed release of "Into the Fray" in 2021, the band toured alongside heavyweights like Heaven Shall Burn in 2022. With the departure of Armin, Matthias "Matze" Büsing steps in to complete the live lineup, ready to unleash the fury of Way of the Warrior on audiences worldwide.

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