Female Fronted CineMetal Discovery Ammify Signs Deal With International Label Wormholedeath

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Ammify Signs Deal With International Label Wormholedeath


Emerging West Australian outfit Ammify has announced that they have signed with Italian-based metal label, Wormholedeath, who will oversee global marketing and digital distribution for their forthcoming debut album, Lost, Not Hiding.

Featuring the musical pairing of Ammy Phoenix (vocals/lyrics) and Pete Renzullo (music/production) Lost, Not Hiding makes its way through the heavier genres. Still, the duo has themselves described it best as CineMetal.

“I am so excited that Wormholedeath is taking us on as a band!” says Ammy.

“I have never been more proud of any project as I am of Ammify, and I am so happy that thanks to Wormholedeath, we get to put it out for people to hear. There's nothing quite like being able to share a piece of yourself like this and I really hope it makes people feel understood in a way they really need to be.”

The cinematic lyrics and crushing soundscapes of Lost, Not Hiding speak like a song cycle of those who have been beaten down by life, by love, by relationships and by society… but not broken. And clearly resolute.

That it is the first album from Ammy and Pete is beyond impressive, the deep artistic connection between the two already speaks to the ages.

Part of the Warner Music and Sony Orchard Group, Wormholedeath has offices through Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia, distributing worldwide metal music, gothic metal, symphonic metal, and thrash metal.

"They said it was a very powerful album and they mentioned Ammy’s voice, of course,” Pete says. “They were just very impressed that the style was quite unique. One of the guys said that we've managed to find our own universe and that of the artists they’ve previously signed, nothing like this has come across before.

“Ultimately for me, the biggest thing about getting signed to a label is that they see what we have created here, which was essentially a passion project. As Ammy and I were writing the album we were saying, ‘There's something about this’. The fact that an international label has found value in this is really exciting and just so promising.”

"Lost, Not Hiding" is released internationally by Wormholedeath on June 14th, 2024.

Connect with the band:

Step into the immersive world of Ammify and watch the official music video for "Coward's Way Out"


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)

"Lost, Not Hiding" cover and tracklist


01. Homesick
02. Coward's Way Out
03. The Truth Will Set You Free
04. Favourite
05. Hey! You! (Over And Over)
06. Evaporate
07. The King Of Always Wanting More
08. Fluffy Little Rats
09. Grief
10. Involuntarily Celibate
11. Ready, Set, Let Go
12. The Canary
13. Run And Hide

Check out the band's announcement video:




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