Hungarian Groove Metal Juggernauts Omega Diatribe Unveil Behind-the-Scenes Look at Crushing Video "Stench Of Demise"

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Hungarian extreme groove metal pioneers Omega Diatribe are ripping the veil off the creation of their pulverizing music video "Stench Of Demise," which has already amassed a staggering 100,000 views on YouTube!

Dive deep into the inky underworld of "Stench Of Demise" with the band's exclusive behind-the-scenes look:


"Stench Of Demise" is the face-melting first single from Omega Diatribe's latest sonic assault, the critically acclaimed album 'Deviant'. This unrelenting record marks the band's fifth studio album and stands as a testament to their ever-evolving sonic mastery. 'Deviant' is available now under the Hungarian label Records.

Co-produced by the band and meticulously mixed and mastered by the legendary Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Suicide Silence, The Haunted) at the renowned Antfarm Studios in Denmark, 'Deviant' is a sonic rebellion encased in a collectible 8-panel DIGIPAK CD and two vinyl variants. The album features a potent blend of reimagined classics like "Molecular Torsion" alongside a wrecking crew of brand-new anthems including "My Sphere," "Mindreader," and of course, the earth-shattering "Stench Of Demise."

Streaming and Purchase Options:

"Deviant" is available for streaming on Spotify.

Physical copies of the album, both CD and Vinyl, can be purchased via Records

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