Australian Artist Jeremy Harry Harris Releases Powerful Single and Video "The Falling"

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Explores the Descent into Chaos with Powerful Single and Provocative Music Video "The Falling"


Australian singer-songwriter Jeremy Harry Harris is set to release his highly anticipated single, "The Falling," accompanied by a thought-provoking music video. The track is taken from his recently released concept album, "Walking With My Darkness," under the Epictronic label and distributed by The Orchard Sony.

"The Falling" delves into the disintegration of a once civil and organized society, showcasing the unconscious breakdown and its profound impact on both a collective and individual level. Through the lens of the global pandemic and its associated emotions, Harris offers a raw insight into that decline.

Harris's lyrical commentary reflects his frustration with society's downward spiral. Embracing a sense of darkness that overcame him during contemplation, Harris skilfully captures the inevitable descent into emotions of distrust, hurt, shame, anger, hopelessness, loss, grief, and pain, ultimately leading to a resigned acceptance of the darkness that lurks within us all.

Complementing the single, the music video for "The Falling" uses a mixture of hand-drawn and AI animation in a post-apocalyptic setting". This visually striking representation portrays the destruction of physical and personal environments while following the isolated journey of the protagonist navigating a world shaped by recent global events.

"The Falling" is aggressive and challenging, as Harris's fierce vocals and uncomfortable lyrics demand attention. The song's intense melodies and evocative instrumentation align perfectly with the anger and frustration expressed throughout the track, providing a powerful and immersive sonic experience.

Prepare to be captivated by the uncompromising energy and powerful message of "The Falling." As the opening chapter of the album "Walking With My Darkness," this release sets the tone for an introspective journey through the depths of human emotions.

"The Falling" is available on all major music platforms here:

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About Jeremy Harry Harris:

Jeremy Harry Harris is an Australian artist known for his fearless and impactful music. With his latest album, "Walking With My Darkness," Harris dives deep into the complexities of the human experience, pushing boundaries with his introspective compositions and innovative storytelling. Through his powerful voice and thought-provoking lyrics, Harris continues to captivate audiences and cement his status as a visionary artist in the industry.

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