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Re-Releases Their Album


On Epictronic Records


Los Angeles, CA. – Boston, MA., based 1970’s rock-inspired band, Mad Painter, is re-releasing their 2023, Splashed, album on the record label, Epictronic, today, April 26, 2024. The Woodstock-era psychedelic, glam-tinged rock ‘n’ roll band has garnered much attention across the globe with their original melodic songs, party vibe, and music that makes you move.


Mad Painter is Alex Gitlin, songwriter and creator of the band’s concept. He is backed by drummer Al Hendry (Bubba Loaf, Tokyo Tramps), bassist Kenne Highland (ex-Gizmos, Hopelessly Obscure, Johnny & The Jumper Cables, Africa Corps.) and guitarist Al Naha (The Thigh Scrapers), who plays with Kenne in Kenne Highland Airforce. The newest members are two backing vocalists, Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee.


Alex says, “Splashed, was a bit of a "schizo" album, to tell you the truth. Some of the tracks are songs written and originally recorded as demos back in 1997! With the help of this line-up, we've brought them back to life and recorded brand-new versions of them, giving them the patented Painter sound.”


Mad Painter was signed to Epictronic Records in 2023, which is a global label and a subsidiary of Wormholedeath Records. They have a global reach into markets such as Asia (Japan, South Korea), Europe, and North America, which is where they plan to distribute, Splashed.


What is Mad Painter doing now? Alex says, “We've gotten songs fully recorded and ready to mix, with three more to be added shortly, for the follow-up to, Splashed. It's not going to be as diverse in terms of style, perhaps, but more diverse instrumentally speaking. With the latest arrival Sharon Crumrine, we've got a pianist, a flautist, and a second backing vocalist.”


Mad Painter is hoping to play some sizable gigs in 2024, festivals, and venture outside of Massachusetts, targeting all of the New England states as well as New York.

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About Mad Painter

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of the Boston area, Mad Painter is a band deeply rooted in the melodic rock tradition of the 1970s. Their original compositions pay homage to a spectrum of influences, from Woodstock-era psychedelia to glam-infused rock 'n' roll, and anthemic heavy hits. The band boasts a diverse lineup led by the visionary songwriter Alex Gitlin, whose creativity is amplified by the talents of drummer Al Hendry, bassist Kenne Highland, and guitarist Al Naha. Recent additions to the ensemble, backing vocalists Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee, contribute to the band's rich and resonant sound.

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