Modern Rock Sensations Hope Darling Releases Lyric Video For "Firefight"

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Modern rock outfit Hope Darling unveils the official music video for their emotionally charged song, "Firefight," out today.

The song "Firefight" was originally conceived by Patrick, the band's former drummer, a two-time Iraq War veteran. Tragically, Patrick passed away in 2017. This song is based on a story he shared about a firefight. In the chaos of bullets flying overhead, Patrick found solace by listening to music through headphones. To honor his memory and share his experience, Hope Darling finished writing the song, turning it into a powerful testament to Patrick's determination to return home.

Watch the official lyric video on YouTube:


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)


Our song “Firefight” holds a special meaning to us as a band. The chord progression and drum pattern for this song was conceived by Patrick Brown, one of the founding members and the original drummer of Hope Darling. In 2017 Patrick was taken too soon from us and we were left with this unfinished song. It was shelved for quite a while, but we decided to finish this song in honor of him. The lyrics to “Firefight” are based on accounts Patrick had told us of his deployments to the Middle East serving as a Sergeant in the US Army. He had told us when he was in the middle of a firefight to drown out the noise and chaos he would pop in his headphones to listen to music. The imagery of his experience led me to this lyrical interpretation of that moment.

I imagined the chaos of sound and lights that he witnessed.

You took my breath away

So many nights

Under the lights

Then drowning out the noise of it all with the song that was playing in his ears.

Then you take me higher

Your song fills up the air

It's all I remember

And all I can hear

I can only imagine that his only thoughts and for many in that situation was to make it out alive and to somehow make it home no matter what it would take.

You Said

To find your way back home

Just hold on,

Just hold on

Cause there’s no time

And there’s no other way

It was an account he often told that I felt was his way of reminding us that even in his military career he was a musician at heart.

In honor of Sgt. Patrick Brown this is “Firefight” from our new album 𝐄𝐧𝐬𝐨̄

"Firefight" appears on Hope Darling's acclaimed album Ensō, recently reissued via Epictronic.

Stream Ensō:

Physical CD: Out on June 21st, 2024


Hope Darling is a Florida-based rock quintet that blends passionate vocals, immersive melodies, and a captivating full-band sound that's enchanted audiences for over five years. Led by Gabriel Sanchez and comprising Jason Donadio, Jeff Durso, Frank Dancey, and Richard Gomez, the band draws from diverse influences, spanning Rock, Classical, Reggae, and Hip-Hop.

Their compelling songwriting and exceptional musicianship earned them a Breakout Band nomination in 2015 and saw their single "Lifeline" featured in Spike Lee’s Netflix series "She’s Gotta Have It," gaining local and national airplay.

"Ensō" is a culmination of 3 years of songwriting, recording, arranging, and lots of patience. It starts with a burst of energy, followed by a melodic twist that pulls on the heartstrings and then kicks back into high gear.

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