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I thought you might be interested in reviewing Ereley's album "Garden".

It´s a love story! "Garden" intricately weaves a poignant narrative of love, loss, and self-discovery, inviting listeners on a transformative journey through the labyrinth of human emotion. Rooted in personal experiences and introspection, the album follows the protagonist's quest for closure amidst the haunting echoes of a fractured relationship. Each track serves as a poignant reflection of the protagonist's inner turmoil, offering glimpses into the depths of the human psyche and the enduring power of resilience.

Ereley's creative process is characterized by collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Spearheaded by visionary frontman Lukáš "LR" Réda and guitarist Jiří "York" Réda, the band's sonic tapestry is enriched by the contributions of Jan "Jofa" Kapr on bass and William "Willi" Izmalkov on drums. From the initial conception of musical motifs to the meticulous recording process at "The Barn" studio under the guidance of Daniel Friml, each stage of production is infused with passion, precision, and a steadfast commitment to artistic integrity.

Ereley defies genre boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of doom metal, death metal, thrash metal, and progressive rock to create a signature sound that transcends categorization. Dubbed "heavy joy music" by the band themselves, Ereley's music resonates with raw energy, intricate melodies, and evocative storytelling, inviting listeners to embark on a transcendent sonic odyssey.

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You can stream the album here and download it here

The album's digital release date is May 31, 2024.

"Symphony of Hell":


"Garden" cover and tracklist:


01 Mordo
02 Symphony of Hell
03 Type 0 Steel
04 Somewhere in You
05 Black Floyd
06 Universum
07 Orient Flowers
08 Morthra


Ereley is:
Lukáš “LR” Réda - vocals, guitars (and everything behind, between and after)
Jiří “York” Réda - guitars
Jan “Jofa” Kapr - bass
William “Willi” Izmalkov - Drums

For more information on Ereley and updates on the release of "Garden," visit their official website and follow them on social media:

With their boundless creativity, fearless innovation, and unyielding passion, Ereley continues to defy expectations and redefine the boundaries of progressive rock and metal.



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