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I thought you might be interested in reviewing Caeli Concept's album "Lunaison".

Caeli Concept is an intriguing musical project that defies convention. Drawing from a diverse array of influences, they seamlessly blend the fluidity of progressive rock with the darkness of progressive metal and even venture into funk and jazz-rock territories. Their refusal to be confined by boundaries is evident, resulting in a captivating and dynamic sound.

Their debut album, The Dark Playground, took listeners on an unconventional journey, brimming with energy, intricate compositions, virtuosity, and unexpected textures. Now, with their latest release, Lunaison, Caeli Concept has further honed their identity. Fearlessly exploring uncharted waters, they remain committed to serving the essence of music.

Lunaison exudes a unique alchemy. Imagine atmospheric passages intertwining with a robust rhythm section, searing brass, and an unexpected vocal arsenal. As you listen, you’ll find yourself propelled into the heart of the celestial vault, the intensity of the musical voyage guaranteed. It’s an album tailor-made for live performances, inviting audiences to immerse themselves fully in its cosmic soundscape.

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You can stream the album here and download it here

The album's digital release date is April 19, 2024.

Experience the captivating soundscape of "Lunaison" with the Official Video for "Буря":


"Lunaison" cover and tracklist:


1 - These Cold Woods
2 - The Time Of A Sigh
3 - Буря
4 - Dearest Wind
5 - Incorporel
6 - Silver Tree
7 - Limpia Tus Ventanas
8 - Vocifère

Emerging onto the scene in 2019, Caeli Concept was conceived by the masterminds Benoit Serret (bass) and Clément Réviriego (guitar and production). The band's sonic evolution soared with the inclusion of Clément Denys on drums and Flavien Morel on keyboards and arrangements. Their inaugural album, "The Dark Playground," captivated audiences upon its release on April 19, 2021.

In early 2022, the band began working on the new album "Lunaison" with Thomas Hilaire (drums) and decided to include several guest musicians. They were joined once again by the brass section already present on the first album (Emilie Klipfel on saxophone, Olivier Viseux on trombone, and Nicolas Renard on trumpet), and also by a long list of singers (Yann Ligner from Klone, to name but one) as well as saxophonist Cyril Prevost. Recorded entirely at Wolf Abbey studio and masterfully crafted by Acle Kahney, "Lunaison" promises to elevate listeners into realms of celestial wonder.

Connect with Caeli Concept:
Spotify: SpotifyCaeliConcept

Whether you’re a seasoned prog enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Caeli Concept’s fusion of genres promises an unforgettable experience.



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