Hungarian Death Black Metallers Exodikon Unleash Devastating New Music Video "Untermensch"

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presents "Untermensch" Official Music Video

Hungarian Black/Death Metal outfit Exodikon dives deep into the abyss with their new music video, "Untermensch," from their critically acclaimed album "Chaosophilia," out now via Wormholedeath (International) and H-Music (Hungary).

Check out the video here:


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)

"Chaosophilia" is a sonic exploration of the darkest corners of the human mind, traversing themes of existential struggle, bipolarity, and the inherent absurdity of life. The album is not a concept record in the traditional sense, but rather an anthology, a journey through the chaos that resides within us all, brilliantly captured by the album's cover art by Bence Száraz.

For those who have ever grappled with the weight of being and dared to contemplate the possibility of nothingness, "Chaosophilia" is a record that speaks directly to your soul. Prepare to drown in the depths of your despair, witness the hedonistic oblivion of others, and embrace the restless yearning for meaning. Feel the flames of existence consume you, witness the agonizing birth pangs of an incomplete soul, and surrender to the intoxicating allure of freedom. Let go of the fleeting nature of existence and shed a tear for the suffering of your fellow man. This is "Chaosophilia" - eight songs woven into a single tapestry of sonic chaos.

"Chaosophilia" is available in Hungarian via H-Music:

"Chaosophilia" (English Version) available here:


Exodikon Line-up:
Attila István Hekele - Drums
Ferenc Pósfai - Guitar
Gábor Dávid Borhidi - Guitar/vocals
József Pósfai - Bass/vocals

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