Hungarian Heavy Metal Revelation Terra Nullius Inks Deal With Wormholedeath

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Joins Forces with Wormholedeath


Hailing from Hungary, heavy metal formidable force Terra Nullius has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their album "Magam Bajnoka" in Cd format. This landmark collaboration marks a significant milestone in the band's journey towards global recognition. More info coming soon!

Led by the visionary drummer, László Sztancsik, Terra Nullius is a fusion of metal and classical music genres, delivering a sound that is both powerful and transcendent. With a shared passion for creating unparalleled artistry, Sztancsik invited cellist János Madaras to join the project, setting the stage for a groundbreaking musical endeavor.

The band's debut album, "Magam Bajnoka," encapsulates a profound message of self-discovery and resilience. Through tracks like the titular "Magam Bajnoka," Terra Nullius explores the theme of personal empowerment, urging listeners to confront their inner demons and emerge victorious. Each song on the album delves into different facets of the human experience, resonating with audiences on a deeply emotional level.

For a tantalizing glimpse into Terra Nullius' sonic universe, immerse yourself in the captivating music video for "Magam Bajnoka":


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)

Terra Nullius was born out of a shared vision to push the boundaries of musical expression. Founded by Sztancsik, the band welcomed vocalist Levente Ráduly, guitarist Imre Telek, cellist Mátyás Hotzi, and bassist Tamás Éber into its ranks, forming a powerhouse lineup that captivates audiences worldwide.

Since its inception, Terra Nullius has garnered acclaim for its dynamic performances and innovative approach to music. With the support of Wormholedeath Records, the band is poised to reach new heights and captivate audiences across South America, the USA, Europe, and Japan.

"Dear Friends! We are happy to announce that Italian record label WormHoleDeath Records has signed the band Terra Nullius and our first LP "Magam bajnoka" will be released in South America, USA, Europe, and Japan, as well." says Terra Nullius."This collaboration not only heralds the worldwide release of our music but also promises an exciting chapter in our international promotion and live performance endeavors. We pledge to give our all to ensure the success of this partnership!"

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"Magam bajnoka” is available on Spotify and iTunes

"Magam Bajnoka" cover & tracklist:


1. Magam bajnoka
2. Szabad a vásár
3. Tegnap záloga
4. Jelek az út szélén
5. Hajsza az idővel
6. Tiéd a szabadság
7. Egyedül
8. Mindig tarts
9. Hazamegyek Hozzád
10. Holnap (után)



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