Instrumental Alt. Rock Force Trilobeat Returns with Final Single "The Blue / To the Top" (Feat. Vladko Mikláš)

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TRILOBEAT presents

"The Blue / To the Top" (Feat. Vladko Mikláš) 


Instrumental alternative rock discovery Trilobeat is back with the last single "The Blue / To the Top" Feat. Vladko Mikláš, extracted from their album "Extinction Horizon", out via Epictronic.

Featuring the talents of Slovakian maestro Vladko Mikláš, the track is a must-listen for fans of prog-rock, nu-jazz, and anyone who craves a truly intense musical experience.

Immerse in Trilobeat's sophisticated sonic soundscape and stream "The Blue / To the Top" Feat.Vladko Mikláš now on all major streaming platforms here:

"The Blue / To the Top" Feat.Vladko Mikláš audiostream video:


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)

Don't miss Trilobeat's final single, "The Blue / To the Top" (Feat. Vladko Mikláš) – a fitting capstone to a groundbreaking album. Prepare to be launched into a world of musical wonder!


Trilobeat is a Slovakian band known for its genre-blending instrumental music and emotional visual projection. Their music, which appeals to fans of prog-rock, nu-jazz, alternative, and even classical music, explores contemporary human issues and emotions.

Since its inception in 2017, Trilobeat has released several singles, audio-visual recordings, and an eponymous debut album in 201912. Their live performances have been broadcast on national TV, and their singles have been featured on various radio station playlists.

In 2022, they released their second album, “Zánikový horizont / Extinction Horizon,” through the prestigious Slovak label Hevhetia. The sonic adventure album features collaborations with local and international talents, including keyboardist Adam Holzman4 and guitarist David Kollar, and was produced by Toronto-based producer Vlad Avy.

In 2023, Trilobeat signed a worldwide distribution deal with Epictronic, aiming to garner international attention for their music

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