Must-Watch Videos: Angel Rising [Death Metal] & Terra Nullius [Heavy Metal]

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- ANGEL RISING - Hell Bent on Rampage (Live Guitar Playthrough)

- TERRA NULLIUS - Egyedül (Official Music Video)


Hell Bent on Rampage (Live Guitar Playthrough)


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios)

The track is taken from Afterlife, Angel Rising’s third album released on September 22nd, 2023 via WormHoleDeath.

Album description
The concept album Afterlife depicts an interdimensional being that stalks life in our universe because it represents a threat to existence itself. And the human species, or at least what it has become after the events described in the previous creations of Angel Rising, is now its target. The cover shows the hero, Asai, struggling with a horde of undead, and unaware of the even greater danger that awaits him.

Line up
Angel Rising (guitars, bass, drums, vocals)
Guest singer: M.Fox (clean vocals on Worn Out Blood and Dominion) 



Egyedül (Official Music Video)


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios)

track taken from the band's upcoming album " Magam Bajnoka", due for CD release via Wormholedeath.

Terra Nullius came to life through drummer László Sztancsik's vision of blending metal and classical music. Cellist János Madaras joined in November 2020, marking the project's inception. Their collaboration birthed the first song, "Mindig tarts," released on August 18, 2021, marking the band's official founding. Despite early lineup changes, the songwriting for their debut LP commenced. Titled "Magam Bajnoka," the LP was released in Hungary on December 8, 2023, under H-Music record label.

Terra Nullius Online



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