Must Watch! Enter "The Mummy's Tomb" With Lesbian Bed Death

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Gothic Rockers Lesbian Bed Death presents the spectacular "The Mummy's Tomb" music video, plunging audiences into a realm of darkness and intrigue.

"The Mummy's Tomb" stands as a haunting masterpiece, drawing from the critically acclaimed album "Midnight Lust," out via Wormholedeath.

Brace yourself as you face the wrath of the mummy and unravel the mysteries buried within the tomb.

Watch the video here:


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)


"Consistently catchy and melodic, ‘Midnight Lust’ grips with its energy and evocative atmosphere. Faultless production matched by peak performance standards, it's entrancing and darkly uplifting. Well worth a spin, showcasing genuine talent and addictive power." - Rock Queen Reviews

“Midnight Lust” showcases Lesbian Bed Death's versatility and skill, presenting a powerful storm of sounds." -

"Delivering yet another banger album filled with life, Lesbian Bed Death's reputation stands strong for a reason, and Midnight Lust only enhances it further." -

"With a 5.5/6 skull rating, Lesbian Bed Death ascends to the throne of excellence, justified for their outstanding work." - Skull & Bones

"The fusion of JJ’s vocals and The 69 Eyes style guitar riffs provided by Dan Peach and guest guitarist Steve Lethal make Midnight Lust a captivating listen from start to finish." -

"Midnight Lust" is available on all digital platforms here:

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