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"Sun God "
album available for the media


Dear media partners,

I thought you might be interested in reviewing PARACRONA's album "Sun God".

Embark on an evocative journey through "Sun God: an album that unearths the enigmatic tapestry of ancient Egypt and the unsettling parallels with our contemporary world. This musical odyssey traverses the duality between ancient mysticism and the clandestine forces that conceal our reality. Drawing inspiration from the mystique of ancient Egypt, "Sun God" immerses listeners in a sonic landscape resonating with echoes of forgotten civilizations. Within this melodic expedition, dark forces and arcane powers collide with the furtive maneuvers of modern-day entities—media deception and governmental manipulation. Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström and revamped by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman

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You can stream the album here and download it here

The album's digital release date is April 12, 2023.

"Carry the Cross" featuring Baard Kolstad


"Sun God" cover and tracklist:


1. New Impurity
2. Carry the Cross
3. Thriller
4. Sun God
5. Mendacious
6. River of Pain
7. Therefore I Move the Time
8. Gates of Immortality
9. Reasons 



PARACRONA, born from the chance meeting of Ringo Christiaan Van Droffelaar and Øystein Hansen at Wacken Open Air in 2007, melds artistic vision with melodic intensity. Hailing from the Netherlands and Norway, these diverse talents, bonded by a love for metal music, embarked on a musical journey that redefined their artistry.

Their collaboration ignited in Oslo a few months later, intertwined Øystein's seasoned guitar expertise, honed in bands like Fortid, with Ringo's fervor for expression and songwriting finesse. The recording odyssey for "Sun God" began in the fall of 2016, resulting in a sonic exploration traversing metal styles, termed affectionately as "Titanium" or "Quantum Realism Metal."

Themes of spiritual growth and societal struggle infuse their lyrics, encapsulating real-life chapters within each track. Despite hurdles, including Ringo's battle with cancer in 2021, collaborations with professionals like Baard Kolstad and Fredrik Nordstrøm added finesse to their sound.

Live performances feature a talented roster, enhancing the experience. PARACRONA's album release concert at Cosmopolite Scene in Oslo, featuring Blood Red Throne and Omnia Moritur, epitomized dedication to an unforgettable scene experience.

PARACRONA transcends being just a band; it's a collective embodiment of resilience, passion, and artistic innovation. Join their journey, witness their sonic tapestry, and immerse yourself in the power of their music.

Line up:
Ringo Christiaan Van Droffelaar - vocals
Øystein Hansen - lead guitar
Audun Melby - rhythm guitar
Laszlo Juhos - drums
Gregg Roland Schneider - bass

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