TIMEA GOGHOVA will be performing "Stand Up" at the Tour Music Fest in San Marino

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Tour Music Fest 2023: The talent of Timea Göghova in the final at the festival chaired by Kara DioGuardi


Timea Göghova, after successfully passing the Live Auditions of the new edition of Tour Music Fest - The European Music Contest is heading to the Republic of San Marino for the Final of the Singer-Songwriter
Timea Göghova is to perform at the final event scheduled for December 2nd at the Teatro Nuovo Di San Marino in the presence of Beppe Vessicchio, Monica Hill, Francesco Rapaccioli, Paola Folli, and the
much-awaited Kara DioGuardi, a former judge from American Idol and songwriter for Pink, Demi Lovato, Anastacia, and many other internationally renowned artists.
The achievement by Timea Göghova, aged 44 auditioning in Austria, is truly significant considering that over 20,000 artists and bands participated from all over Europe. She will now face the final musical challenge that must be passed in order to step onto the stage of the Grand Finale on December 2nd at the Teatro Nuovo in the Republic of San Marino, the same location that hosted the Sammarinese finals of the Eurovision Song

The singer-songwriter managed to impress the demanding Tour Music Fest artistic panel and fully deserves a place in the Final Steps of the Festival, which will be held from November 27th to December 2nd in the wonderful setting of the Republic of San Marino, within the event Tour Music Fest: Music Meeting Festival, an event dedicated to emerging music and those who want to work in the music industry. Over 50 free events, amongst which 15 Masterclasses with Italian and international music industry professionals accompanied by many shows and concerts.
During the TMF Finals, the performances of the finalists of this new edition will take place and Timea Göghova, after this important and demanding test, may perform in the Grand Finale in the presence of the head of our international panel, Kara DioGuardi, and the top representatives of the music industry. A dream for all emerging artists for Timea Göghova started with a live performance in Vienne last July, and now She will have the responsibility and honor of representing her own country in the Tour Music Fest Singer-Songwriter category.
Timea Göghova convinced the Tour Music Fest panel with her artistic talent and determination, demonstrating a decidedly rare ability to play with music, voice, and sound, qualities certainly useful to pursue the dream of
reaching the Grand Finale, a stage that has seen dozens of emerging artists who have now become great professionals in the industry, such as Mahmood, Ermal Meta, Federica Carta, and many others, and win the
fantastic prizes at stake, such as a European tour, a scholarship at Berklee - College of Music in Boston, the production of a single offered by Riunite a TMF sponsor, musical instruments offered by Algam Eko, and a
sponsorship contract worth 10,000 euros to invest in her own music.

The next appointment for Timea Göghova with Tour Music Fest will be on November 30th at the Teatro Titano in San Marino for the final of the Singer-Songwriter category!

Institutional Partners: Secretary of State for Tourism and the Tourism Office of the Republic of San Marino


Timea Göghova is a versatile artist who covers several genres of music. She is known for singing clean, screaming, and singing classic songs. She is also the frontwoman of Still Awake (Melodic Metal) and Passion Control (Jazzfunk). As a solo artist, she composes ballads and R&B songs.

Timea Göghova has been passionate about music from a young age. With a background in choirs and a love for the German language, she moved to Germany in 2021. Her talent has gained recognition through appearances on TV shows like Sztárban Sztár Leszek and The Voice of Germany, as well as winning the South German Finals of Emergenza Band Contest. Her latest album, "Wild Storm," is a captivating blend of ballads and rock songs that highlight her vocal prowess. Timea has also collaborated with notable guests including Alex Beyrodt, Dominik Krämer, Alex Scholpp, and Dara Zusko, adding a special touch to her music.

Connect with Timea Göghova:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/timeagoeghova
Facebook: www.facebook.com/timea.goeghova
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@timeagoeghova

 Listen to "Wild Storm" Now:
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