French Extreme Metal Discovery DAMNATIONIS Releases God is the Devil (Lyric Video)

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Takes a Provocative & Dark Dive into the Divine


In a resounding fusion of darkness and divinity, French Extreme Metal sensation DAMNATIONIS is thrilled to announce the release of their latest lyric video, "God is the Devil."

The band's haunting and thought-provoking composition can be experienced by watching the video here:


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)

"God is the Devil" is a compelling track taken from DAMNATIONIS' upcoming album, "The Fallen Princess," set for re-release via Wormholedeath. In a profound exploration of belief, the song questions the very essence of divinity, where light and darkness converge in a provocative embrace.

DAMNATIONIS is a French Extreme Metal band that started near Metz in 2018. They blend classic Black Metal influences with newer Metal styles, shaping their music into a Black Death Symphonic Metal sound. Their lyrics often explore themes from Gothic literature, mythology, and horror, giving their music a dark and immersive vibe.

Within the Extreme Metal scene in Lorraine, DAMNATIONIS has gained a strong reputation. They've rocked the stage at festivals like DEAD HOUSE FEST and shared billing with big international names such as NEGATOR, AGATHODAIMON, and ZORNHEYM.

Their latest milestone is the release of their first album, "THE FALLEN PRINCESS," featuring 10 tracks. It was mixed and mastered at HAVOC Studio, known for its expertise in Metal music. The album's cover art was a collaboration with Damian Augustyniak of GuzikArt, who's worked with famous bands like SLAYER, EXODUS, and SABATON.

Their unique blend of sounds and artistic collaborations promise an exciting journey for fans, showcasing DAMNATIONIS's innovation and dedication to pushing the boundaries of Metal music.

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