Folk Artist and Talented Performer Amanda Gonsales Signs With Wormholedeath

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Joins Forces with Wormholedeath


It is with immense excitement that we announce the collaboration between the remarkable Italian/Brazilian folk artist Amanda Gonsales and Wormholedeath. The partnership is set to rekindle the magic of Amanda's enchanting EP, "Sacro," with a scheduled re-release on December 22, 2023.

Amanda Gonsales is renowned for her enchanting and mystical musical creations, seamlessly blending in elements in the vein of some Wardruna, all sung in her native Portuguese. Her EP "Sacro" was released in 2019. The EP's success paved the way for two remarkable tours across Portugal in 2021, gracing numerous festivals and concert halls.

Amanda's artistic expression transcends conventional boundaries, as she invites her audience to embark on a multisensory journey through sound and stage performance, transporting them to realms beyond the ordinary fabric of space and time.

In Amanda's words, "Talk about 'Sacro' is always a great challenge. At the same time that I seem to have so much to say about this album, it seems words will never be enough to express what this work really means to me."

Her artistic journey began very early, leading her to this crucial point in her career - the release of their first EP. It was during her time in Évora, Portugal, that the seeds of "Sacro" began to take root.

The encounter with the historic city - with so many layers of time and apparent civilizations that take us to other cultures, and put it in contact with the dimension of memory and imagination - is necessary for the artist's work. So, the crossing of personal memories with historical memories of the city resonated with her the need to talk about aspects of the place that the heritage does not highlight - the city's wounds - in this case, the Inquisition.

With influences from Brazilian Popular Music, Iberian, Scandinavian, and Arabic Folk Music, and medieval Sacred Music, Amanda and her music producer patiently crafted the songs over many months. The result is "Sacro," a work that transforms the listener through rich, evocative landscapes, connecting him with hidden aspects of himself.

The EP features a talented ensemble of musicians, including Acauan Normanton, Marina Gama, Catarina Schmitt, Pedro Bortolin, Natália Schneck, Clara Kok, Bruno Gazoni, Tarcísio Barsalini, Matheus Vazquez, and Rafael Garcia, showcasing a diverse range of instruments and sounds that complement Amanda's unique style.

To complement this musical journey, Amanda Gonsales presents the official video for the track "Sigilo," which can be viewed at:


Download the MP3 HERE (for radios/podcasts)

Amanda Gonsales is on a mission to provoke and inspire through her music, bringing the marginalized to the center stage, and inviting listeners to reflect on their own shadows and consequently those of society.

For more information about Amanda Gonsales and her music, please visit:
Spotify: SpotifyAmandaGonsales

"Sacro" cover & tracklist:


 Noite morta
Xácara das bruxas dançando



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