As We Suffer Unleashes Powerful Lyric Video for "The Fallen Pillars" Title Track

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Unleashes Powerful Lyric Video for "The Fallen Pillars" Title Track

As We Suffer, the dynamic metal band known for its explosive blend of metalcore, punk, hardcore, and death metal, has dropped a new lyric video for "The Fallen Pillars," the title track from their upcoming album set to be released on June 09, 2023, via Wormholedeath.

Watch "The Fallen Pillars" Lyric Video Here:


Download the MP3 HERE ( for radios/podcasts)

The track, which showcases the band's signature sound of hard-hitting breakdowns and blistering fast riffs, is a standout from the album.

Formed in 2018, As We Suffer has its roots in Metalcore, Punk, Hardcore, and Death Metal, creating a unique brand of entertainment that fuses hard-hitting breakdowns and blistering fast riffs with energetic and witty stage banter. The band draws influences from bands such as Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Pennywise, Cannibal Corpse, Trivium, and more, showcasing their diverse musical backgrounds.
As We Suffer has been building momentum with their high-energy performances all over Ottawa and is looking to expand their fan base worldwide.

The current line-up consists of Matthew Caldwell on vocals, Derik Roblin and Rob Bell on lead and rhythm guitar, Ryan Caldwell on bass, and Tim Johnson on drums.

Fans can follow As We Suffer on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram, and YouTube, and stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming album release:

"The Fallen Pillars" lyric video was created by Volume Agency




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