German Heavy Psychedelic Project Screaming Bones Signs with Wormholedeath Records

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Signs with Wormholedeath Records for Reissue of "And It'll All Be Good" Album


Solo instrumental heavy psychedelic project Screaming Bones has signed with Wormholedeath Records for the reissue of its latest album, "And It'll All Be Good," on April 28, 2023.
The album takes the listener on a journey through psychedelic guitar sounds, sweet hypnotic flute tones, and heavy riffs, creating a unique sonic landscape that engages the senses and captures the imagination.

Mike Ludwig, the mastermind behind Screaming Bones, stated, "The best things in life happen out of the blue when you don’t expect them. My music being distributed through Wormholedeath is a dream come true. I feel happy and welcomed in the WHD family, thanks for taking me on!"

"And It'll All Be Good" is a result of endless sound experiments, digging into the very nature of sound creation, sound enrichment, and sound sculpturing. The album features classic guitar-dominated tracks such as "Ghost Ride" and "Leave Me Alone," but also takes guitar sounds to a different level when sounds are repeated endlessly while being warped and twisted in crazy delay lines and dystopic reverbs as can be heard in tracks like "Dragonfly" or "Hive Song."

The tracks on "And it'll all be good" don't have a common theme, but each of their musical seeds has been born in a dream-like state, and some of them have grown to sonic monsters that had to be tamed to create repeating patterns and themes that take the listener onto a musical journey they have not taken before. The music on this album is a gem, a flower, a tree that grows a bit more every time you listen to it. What seems like random chaos at first becomes a warped melody of unreal beauty.

Screaming Bones’ music exists to fill your headspace. It will take you on an endless journey if you are willing to let yourself immerse in the music. The music will touch something deep inside you when you listen to it and let it unfold.

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Experience the hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies of Screaming Bones' 'Ghost Ride' come to life in a mesmerizing visual journey - watch now!


Download the MP3 HERE MP3 (for radios/podcasts)

"And It'll All Be Good" Album cover & tracklist


1 - Ghost Ride
2 - Dragonfly
3 - Raindrops
4 - A Space Opera, Pt.1
5 - Early Morning Brain Chaos
6 - Leave Me Alone
7 - Hive Song
8 - A Psychedelic Tune for Your Afternoon Tea
9 - A Space Opera, Pt.2
10 - Sleep Well, My Friend, Sweet Dreams



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